How to Create iPhone SE 2021 Memoji on Messages

This post will show you how to create or set up the iPhone SE 2020 Memoji profile using the built-in Messages app. Keep watching if you need help making a Memoji profile for your SMS, MMS, Apple ID and other supported iOS apps and services.

iOS 13 Memoji

Memoji is an iOS feature that lets you create an avatar that tracks your facial movements, resulting in a cartoon version of your face.

With the latest iOS update pushed by Apple, Memojis are now  customizable. This means that you can scheme your looks by altering every aspect of your physical traits. There is also a wide selection of earrings, headpieces, eyewear, and hats for you to make use of as you desire.

And if the final output does not suit your taste, you can immediately make necessary changes on whatever spot of your face.

In case you’re wondering how to get all these things done on your Apple iPhone SE 2020 handset, I’ve laid out a step by step demo for your reference.

And here’s how you do it.

Steps to Create or Set Up iPhone SE 2020 Memoji Profile

Performing the following steps will result in the creation of a Memoji profile based on the facial details you provided. These steps are likewise applicable to other iPhones that are running on the latest iOS version. However, you may notice some slight variations on the actual screens and menu items between device models and services providers

1. To get started, navigate to the Home screen and then tap the Messages icon.

The Messages icon is typically lined up among other main icons beneath the Home screen of your phone.

If you don’t find it there, then it must be placed among other app icons or shortcuts from the main Apps screen.

create memoji iphone se2020 messages

2. When the Messages app launches, tap the Edit command located on the upper-leftmost corner.

A pop-up menu opens with a list of Edit commands applicable to the Messages app.

create memoji iphone se2020 edit

3. Tap the option to Edit Name and Photo.

Doing so will prompt you with the Create Your Memoji screen.

create memoji iphone se2020 editnamephoto

4. You may opt to get started right away or set it up later in Messages. To proceed with this demo, let’s go for the first option, so tap the Get started button.

Another screen opens with the Memoji face setup options.

create memoji iphone se2020 start

5. Tap to select your preferred skin, hairstyle, and other facial traits.

Just scroll down to view more skin features to adjust.

create memoji iphone se2020 skin

6. To set a hairstyle, tap to open the Hairstyle tab and then specify the desired hairstyle.

A preview will appear after every selection you made.

Aside from the Hairstyle, you can also change or select your preferred eye brows, eyes, head, nose and other facial aspects.

Just tap to mark your preferences.

create memoji iphone se2020 hair

7. Once you’re done creating your memoji, tap Done to apply the recent changes.

The final memoji output will then be shown on the next display.

create memoji iphone se2020 done1

8. Here, you can choose how you would like your face to appear on your profile. Just tap to mark your desired pose and then tap Next to proceed.

The final Memoji output will then set on your Messages profile.

create memoji iphone se2020 pose

9. You may have to make some adjustments to the positioning through the Move and Scale menu. Once the desired profile placement is obtained, tap Choose.

On the next screen, you will be prompted to choose a background theme.

create memoji iphone se2020 choose

10. Just tap to select your preferred background theme and then tap Done on the upper-left corner.

Your recently created Memoji profile will then appear in your Messages profile picture.

create memoji iphone se2020 bgdone

11. Tap Done again then Continue.

A pop-up message will show up next, prompting you to use your memoji photo everywhere.

create memoji iphone se2020 continue

12. Just tap Use if you want to do so or tap Not Now if you don’t.

If you tapped Use, you will be asked to set up your name and photo sharing method.

Just follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to complete the photo setup process then tap Done.

You will then be routed back to the Messages app main screen.

create memoji iphone se2020 use

13. To see how your new Memoji profile looks, try to launch the App Store app.

create memoji iphone se2020 appprofile

You should see your recently created Memoji face on your App Store profile picture.

Aside from profile picture or avatar, you can also record a video with your custom Memoji and then send it in Messages or use it in a Face Time video call in real time.

Hope this helps!

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