How to Disconnect AirPods from iPhone 13 [Easy Guide]

This post will walk you through pairing and unpairing the latest AirPods (3rd Generation) with and from the most recent iPhone series. Read on to learn how to connect and disconnect AirPods from iPhone 13.

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So you finally get a hold of the latest Apple AirPods but are wondering how it works with your new iPhone 13 device. If so, then this post might be able to help you. Just keep scrolling to view more detailed instructions on how to make your new Apple earbuds all set for use.

3rd Generation AirPods Overview

Apple AirPods are undeniably among the most hefty wireless Bluetooth earbuds these days. But unlike many other variants, Apple’s very own audio devices are specifically designed to work with Apple devices like your iPhone and iPad, Apple TV as well as with other few compatible devices. It also works with the Apple watch.

AirPods do offer a number of benefits in exchange for the hefty purchase price you paid.

There are different types of AirPods available for every iOS device.

The latest set of Apple’s new earbuds dubbed as the 3rd generation AirPods were officially rolled out last year with an all-new design and a range of new features. As expected, the price was higher than the previous models. Overall, these new AirPods are among the best sellers.

How do AirPods 3 work?

The third-gen AirPods don’t have power control. What makes them know when they’re inserted into your ear are the embedded optical sensors and accelerometers. As soon as you put them in, they should be ready to work as intended. Removing them from your ears results in audio pause.

The AirPods 3 works with the latest iPhone, iPhone and other devices. And to make full use of the new AirPods’ features, you’ll start by connecting it to your phone.

If you’re new to the Apple wireless earbuds and need some input on how to use them with your new iPhone 13, reading this entire post will help you get started.

Pairing AirPods with  your iPhone and/or iPad

In order to make your AirPods work with your iPhone, Bluetooth must be enabled on the latter device. 

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  • To do this, open the iOS Settings app by go to your iPhone Settings-> Bluetooth menu then tap to turn the switch ON.

When Bluetooth is enabled, you can go ahead and start pairing the AirPods and your iPhone.

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  • To pair your devices, place the AirPods in the case and open the lid. After doing so, press and hold the pairing button on the charging case until you see the light flashing white.
To complete the pairing process, just follow the onscreen instructions.

Make sure that your AirPods are sufficiently charged. If the battery is running low, just place the AirPods back in their case to recharge. You can also use a QI-certified charging mat if you’ve got a wireless AirPods case.

Once the AirPods are successfully paired with your iPhone, you can start listening to your favorite songs through your preferred audio streaming application. You can also place and answer calls on your iPhone with the AirPods.

Steps to Unpair or Disconnect AirPods from iPhone 13

Once you’re already done using the AirPods, you can disconnect it from your iPhone. Doing so will help save your iPhone’s battery life especially when the power level is getting low.

If you’re using the AirPods with the iPhone 13, just follow these steps to unpair or disconnect them:

Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s Home screen and then tap Settings.

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Step 2: While on the Settings menu, tap Bluetooth. Make sure that the Bluetooth switch is enabled to view all paired devices.

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Step 3: Find the AirPods in the list of devices and then tap the information (i) icon next to it.

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Step 4: Finally, tap Forget This Device to unpair and disconnect the AirPods from your iPhone.

how to disconnect airpods from iphone13 forget

Generally, the un-pairing process is made seamless with the new Apple W1 chip that makes better wireless connection.

Should you wish to pair your AirPods and your iPhone again, just repeat the same steps.

Having troubles with your AirPods?

To avoid having issues with your AirPods 3, make sure that it’s running on the latest firmware version.

You can find this information when you connect your AirPods to your iPhone. When your devices are connected, you can head over to the iPhone Settings-> General-> About-> AirPods menu.

If a new firmware version is available, it should be automatically installed within several minutes.

Just make sure that the AirPods are sufficiently charged to finish updating.

Cannot Connect AirPods with your iPhone?

If for some reason, you can’t connect or pair your AirPods to your iPhone, you can try carrying out some basic tweaks to rule out the common culprits. If the problem continues, then resetting the AirPods can be deemed among the last options.

Resetting the AirPods will delete all recent custom settings and restore the AirPods to its factory state.

To factory reset the AirPods 3, just place the AirPods inside their charging case then close the lid on the case. When the lid is closed, press and hold the Setup button on the back of the AirPods charging case for about 10 to 15 seconds. When you see the light at the front starts to flash amber then white, release the Setup button. Wait for the AirPods to finish restoring.

After the factory reset, you can start pairing the AirPods with your iPhone again.

Triggering the iOS 15 reset network settings command can also help fix AirPods disconnecting and other relevant problems inflicted by iOS network errors and glitches.

Please keep posted for more comprehensive iOS tutorials and troubleshooting guides on this site. Or you can check out this YouTube channel to view more comprehensive tutorial and troubleshooting videos including recent iOS devices.

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