Common calling and texting problems on iPhone 11 after iOS 13.2.3 update

While software updates are primarily aimed at making a device better and more secured, there are some factors that could negate the actual outcomes. Hence, various types of post-update issues have manifested and encountered by many smartphone owners. And Apple’s new iPhone flagships are no exception. Tackled in this post are common post-update calling and texting problems that can occur (or are already transpiring) on the new iPhone 11 handset after the recent iOS update. Read further for more information.

Seven post-update calling and texting problems on iPhone 11 and how to deal with them

Highlighted below are common calling and texting problems you could encounter after installing an iOS update. Read on to find out what to do if any of these problems occur on your iphone 11 following the iOS 13.2.3 update implementation.

Problem 1: iMessage not delivered error. 

As the name implies, this error means that your message wasn’t successfully delivered through iMessage. Aside from software bugs, network connectivity issues are usually the underlying cause. The same thing when some relevant settings on your iPhone are not properly configured. This is likely the case if the recent iOS update has overwritten your current settings and automatically disables iMessage. That said, troubleshooting your internet connection and reviewing your iMessage settings are recommended.


Problem 2: iMessage waiting for activation error.

Like the first error message, the Waiting for activation error occurs when attempting to activate iMessage services while your iPhone is enduring some internet problems either with cellular data or Wi-Fi network. That said, check and ensure that your iPhone has no problem connecting to the internet. To see if your device is actually connected to the internet, open Safari and try loading various websites and web pages to see they load up successfully or not. If the websites aren’t loading up, then there may be some problems with your Wi-Fi internet connection or cellular data. Performing the Airplane Mode trick may be able to resolve the problem.


Problem 3: iMessage not working at all.

When your iPhone is unable to send and receive iMessages, it’s likely due to the internet that is not working or may be working but unstable. While your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network, it may not have a good internet connection. This can possibly occur after an iOS update as Wi-Fi feature can also be inflicted by some post-update glitches and eventually stops working. The same thing if your iMessage login session has expired or voided after the update. In this case, fixing internet connectivity issues and signing out and back into iMessage can are a potential solution.

Performing a network reset can also help, especially if incorrect network settings are to blame.


Problem 4: iPhone 11 cannot make phone calls but can receive.

If your iPhone cannot make phone calls but is able to receive, it denotes a problem with outgoing services, particularly with outgoing calls. Problems affecting outgoing services are usually due to some account-related issues like having some unsettled bills and your carrier/service provider has placed your account under a soft disconnect status. When this happens, all your outgoing services are temporarily disabled. As a result, you won’t be able to make phone calls on your iPhone. In order to resolve this problem, you’ve got to make a deal with your carrier. 

Aside from resolving account-related issues, modifying some settings on your iPhone can also help. An example of this is to switch to other network bands like from 3G to 4G or LTE to 3G or 4G. 


Problem 5: iPhone 11 cannot receive phone calls but can make calls.

This problem denotes that something is wrong with your iPhones incoming call system. It could be just a temporary glitch with the Phone app after the recent iOS update implementation or it could be more serious. Another possible reason as to why your iPhone is unable to receive phone calls is due to certain settings or relevant features that are enabled. Among the settings and features to consider checking and modifying are Do Not Disturb and Call Forwarding. If you cannot receive phone calls only from a certain contact, then it’s likely because that contact is in your blocklist. Hence, scrutinizing your blocked contacts is also needed.


Problem 6: iPhone 11 cannot send SMS messages.

Problems on sending text or SMS messages are usually due to network problems like when your device is experiencing cellular signal issues. The same thing can happen if your account’s outgoing services are temporarily disabled by your carrier. Typically, you would still be able to receive messages but cannot send. Another possibility is that the message you’re trying to send contains some corrupted data or multimedia files. Messages containing photos and videos will be sent as iMessage. In order to send iMessages, your iPhone must be connected to the internet, either through Wi-Fi or cellular data.


Problem 7: iPhone 11 cannot receive SMS messages.

Your device may not be able to receive SMS messages if the storage is insufficient. This is usually the case if your iPhone’s memory is running low and that remaining storage space was completely used up by the recent iOS update file. Typically, you’ll be prompted with some storage space warning along with the recommendations to clear up some storage space. Aside from memory issues, the way your iPhone settings were configured may also matter. That said, resetting the network settings or restoring all system settings to their default values can help.

In some cases, problems affecting calls and texts are directly attributed to a faulty SIM card in use. If you suspect that your SIM card is the problem, you can request a new SIM card replacement from your carrier.

To deal with calling and texting problems that are attributed to existing account issues, you’ll have to talk to your carrier or network service provider and straighten things out so as to restore your account services.

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