How to Check Pokes on iPhone Facebook App

Facebook Pokes are a classic yet underutilized Facebook feature that allows users to virtually “poke” friends and get their attention. While pokes don’t convey any specific message, they can be a fun way to interact on the app when used creatively. This guide will walk through all the details on viewing, sending, and managing pokes directly from the Facebook iPhone app.

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Understanding Facebook Pokes

The Facebook Poke feature was a way to send a notification to a friend that you were thinking of them. When you poked a friend, they would receive a notification that said, “You’ve been poked by [your name].” They could then either poke you back or ignore the Poke.

For those unfamiliar with Facebook Pokes, here’s how the feature functions:

– Allow you to poke another user to get their notice virtually.

– Appear as a notification for the receiving user.

– Don’t carry any set message or indication of what they’re for.

– Are simply a playful way of saying hello on Facebook.

– Have been around since Facebook’s early days.

While silly and undefined in nature, pokes can be a unique way of engaging Facebook friends for some lighthearted fun.

Finding Your Pokes

If you were poked by someone, you would see a notification in your News Feed. You could then either poke them back or ignore the Poke.

To view pokes you’ve received on the Facebook iPhone app:

1. Tap the Notification icon (bell) at the bottom right. 

2. All notifications, including pokes, will appear here.

3. Tap a poke notification to expand it and see who poked you.

4. Tap the back arrow to return to the main Notifications screen.

The Poke alerts don’t convey any details – just who sent them!

Poking Other Users

To poke someone on Facebook, you would click on the “Poke” button on their profile. You could also poke someone by typing “/poke [friend’s name]” in the status update box.

Here are the summed-up steps to poke someone from your iPhone:

1. Visit their Facebook profile page.

2. Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner.

3. Choose Poke from the menu.

4. The user will now receive a standard poke notification from you.

Send some playful pokes to brighten friends’ days and get their attention!

Poking Back

If you were poked by someone, you would see a notification in your News Feed. You could then either poke them back or ignore the Poke.

To conveniently poke back users who have poked you recently:  

1. View the poke notification.

2. Tap their name/profile picture anywhere in the alert.

3. This opens their profile – tap the three dots and select Poke.

Poking back keeps the fun going!

Managing Poke Notifications

You can control poke notifications:

– In Facebook Settings & Privacy > Settings > Notifications > Pokes.

– Turn off push, email, or in-app alerts for pokes if desired.

Customize poke notifications to your preferences or mute them.

Deleting Pokes

To remove poke notifications:

1. Press and hold on to a poke alert.

2. Tap Manage to enter selection mode.

3. Tap the circle icon beside each Poke to select it. 

4. Tap Delete at the bottom to remove selected pokes.

This deletes any poke notifications you no longer need to clutter up your Facebook in-app inbox.

Blocking Pokes

If you blocked someone from poking you, they would not be able to poke you again. 

If users are abusing pokes, you can block them with these steps: 

1. Go to their Facebook profile.

2. Tap the three dots icon.

3. Choose Block User, which prevents all interactions.

Use Poke blocking only for serious harassment – poking is meant to be friendly!

Pokes allow for casual fun interactions among Facebook friends. Check your iPhone notifications to see any received pokes. Give some playful pokes in return, and customize your preferences to your liking.

Other Ways to Interact with Facebook Friends

If you’re looking for a way to interact with your friends on Facebook, there are other features that you can use. You can send them a message, comment on their posts, or like their photos. You can also join groups or events with them.

There are also a number of third-party apps that allow you to poke your friends on Facebook. However, these apps are not officially supported by Facebook, so they may only work some of the time.

Checking Pokes on Facebook iPhone App FAQs

  1. Q: Where do I see the pokes I’ve received on the Facebook app for iPhone?

    A: Tap the Notification icon (bell) at the bottom right of the app. Poke notifications will appear in your main notifications feed along with other alerts.

  2. Q: How do I poke someone back on the Facebook iPhone app?

    A: View their poke notification, tap their name/profile picture, then on their profile, tap the three dots, and choose Poke to poke them back.

  3. Q: Can I turn off Poke notifications on my iPhone’s Facebook app?

    A: Yes, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Notifications > Pokes and toggle off push, email, and in-app notifications for pokes as desired.

  4. Q: Is there a way to delete old Poke notifications on the Facebook iPhone app?

    A: Press and hold on a poke notification, tap Manage, select the poke alerts you want to remove by tapping their circle icon, and tap Delete.

  5. Q: If someone is excessively poking me on iPhone Facebook, can I block them?

    A: Yes, you can block them on Facebook by tapping the three dots on their profile and selecting Block User. But use blocking only for harassment – most poking is meant lightheartedly.

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