How to Change/Set Back Tap Command on iPhone SE 3

This post will walk you through activating the iOS 16 accessibility feature on the 3rd generation special edition iPhone that prompts it to execute a specific action when you double tap or triple tap the back of its screen. Here’s a quick guide to change or set back tap commands on the iPhone SE 3.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Apple’s constant update releases have offered a lot of system enhancements and features to different iPhone models. The iPhone SE 3 for instance and other iPhone models that are running on the latest version of iOS, have the capacity to perform shortcut actions using an inbuilt accessibility option known as Back Tap. If you’re new to iOS and wondering how to activate and use this feature on your recently procured special edition iPhone (3rd generation), you can refer to these outlined instructions.

  1. First, open the iOS Settings app.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 1To do this, simply find the Gear/Settings icon from the Home screen or Apps library of your iPhone.

  2. While in the main iOS settings menu, scroll to find then tap Accessibility.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 2Another menu opens with a list of all available accessibility features.

  3. Navigate to the Physical and Motor section then tap Touch.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 3Accessibility features relevant to touch gestures will load up on the next screen.

  4. On the succeeding window, scroll down to the bottom section the tap Back Tap.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 4On the Back Tap menu, you’ll see two main options including Double Tap and Triple Tap.

  5. To set a new preferred command for double back tap, tap Double Tap.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 5A list of different preset commands will load up next. 

  6. Find then select the command that you’d like your phone to execute when you double tap on its back. Simply tap to mark your preferred command or back tap action.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 6Let’s just select Screenshot to proceed with this guide so tap to mark Screenshot from the given options.

  7. To set a new preferred command for triple back tap, return to the main Back Tap menu then tap Triple Tap.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 7You’ll be routed to the Triple Back Tap menu with the same list of actions or accessibility options you see on the Double Tap menu.

  8. While in the Triple Tap menu, scroll to find and then select the command or action that you want your phone to execute when you triple tap on its back.

    set new back tap command iphone se3 8Simply tap to mark your preferred action just like what you did with the Double Tap option.

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After making all necessary changes, exit settings and then try to double tap or triple tap the back of your iPhone to see if the selected action or command is properly executed.

Benefits of Using Back Tap 

Back Tap is just one of the many cool features that simplifies many iOS commands that usually require a series of steps to be done. Taking a screenshot on the iPhone SE 3 for instance, typically requires you to simultaneously press the Power key and the Home button. Doing such is somehow a bit of a challenge for those who aren’t yet well-versed with this iPhone model. Even some loyal iPhone users would still mess it up considering the button placements.

Thankfully, Apple makes a way to make such things easier by introducing these types of accessibility features that are even more beneficial to iPhone owners with special needs.

Back Tap Not Working on your iPhone SE 3?

If your phone does not execute the specified command, make sure that nothing is barring the back area, especially within the Apple logo. If you’re using any phone case, try removing them first and then retry double or triple tapping the back of your device.

Some iPhone cases are made up of thick materials that could prevent the device from recognizing your touch. As a result, it fails to execute the back tap action that you’ve set, be it for double tap or triple tap.

Also ensure that double taps and triple taps are properly executed. These taps must be done successively for them to be considered and recognized by the iPhone system as double tap or triple tap. Proper timing or tapping is therefore required.

And that’s it!

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