7 Best Racing Games For Kids On iOS

If there’s one thing that’s a universal truth at the young age of children, it’s that they all seem to love cars and trucks at one point in their lives. They love the sounds, the wheels, and the roaring of engines.

When you go to the store, they’re always insistent that you get them another Hot Wheels, car, or truck of some sort. It is at this point that you realized that it is time to get them some racing games of their own. But with so many out there, what to choose?

Here is a list of seven of the best racing games for kids on iOS.

Best Racing Games For Kids On iOS

Racing Games For Kids On iOS

1. Fun Kids Car Racing Game

Coming up as number five on our list, we have the aptly named Fun Kids Car Racing Game. The silly cars are fun, fast and simple to use. — so much so that even a toddler is able to manipulate this game easily.

Fun Kids Car Racing Game allows you to choose over 15 different cars to use on the track. There’s some customization that you can take advantage of as well — you can actually custom paint the cars and then race them on over 30 different courses. The game’s mechanics is skewed toward your child’s success as the cars slow down when they get ahead of your child.

There are also a handful of mini-games inside of Fun Kids Car Racing Game, which are all based around education. So not only will your child be able to have a lot of fun in this game, but learn something as well!

Download it now: iTunes

Racing Games For Kids On iOS

2. Car Race Games For Kids

The premise of this is on the drag strip. Designed for kids, it’s still very cartoon-ish, but children will love the roaring of engines and race against the clock. They will experience the sights and sounds of the racing world. There are also car racing puzzles, matching games and other interactive experiences  to be found in this app.

This game helps your child’s fine motor skills as they learn reasoning and concept development, as well as precision of movement. It’s a very education racing games, but also a ton of fun for kids.

Racing Games For Kids On iOS

3. Kids Cars Hill Racing Games

Kids Cars Hill Racing Games come up next, and specifically focuses on your child’s problem solving and memory skills. It also attempt to help increase your child’s confidence as they drive their cars across the maps and tracks.

In the game the child must work to get the cars up the hills and once they do the down hill drive becomes smooth. It’s a simple two-button control so that even the youngest of children can figure out how to play.

Download it now: iTunes

Racing Games For Kids On iOS

4. Kids Police Car Driving Simulator

We’ve shown you plenty of racing games that your kids will get an absolute thrill out of; however, many kids have a fascination with police offers and might wonder what it’d be like to take a cruiser for a spin. If your child is like that, this police racing game is for them.

The game has a garage full of powerful police cars just ready for your child to drive and perform all their favorite stunts in.  Your child can boost, drift, roll, jump and crash in their police cruiser as they explore the massive open world driving environment. For an added effect, kids can even turn on the police lights and sirens for an added effect.

Download it now: iTunes

Racing Games For Kids On iOS

5. Real Racing 3

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more close to real-life, look no further than Real Racing 3. With over two hundred cars available, there are around eighteen locations where you can try them out on. These cars all come from top car manufacturers and brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Audi, and others.

This game is a visual masterpiece, providing you with extraordinarily detailed cars, and real-world locations that are insanely realistic.

Download it now: App Store

Racing Games For Kids On iOS

6. Need For Speed: No Limits

If you haven’t heard of Need For Speed before, their “No Limits” edition will bring you front and center into the immersive world of racing. You’ll be able to stock your garage with vehicles from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Hennessey, and others. With over 1,000 different challenging races — and more added regularly — you’ll be able to really put these cars to the test.

Most of these can all be customized and tricked out, allowing you to take your vehicles to the Mod Shop and the Black Market for over 2.5 million customization combos available.

Download it now: App Store

Racing Games For Kids On iOS

7. Funny Racing Cars

If your child loves cars, then they’ll love what Funny Racing Cars has to offer. Funny Racing Cars takes things beyond just racing. Your child can pimp out their ride in the craziest ways. At the start, before they race, they can choose from a car, truck, tractor or monster truck.

Then they unleash their creativity with all kinds of paint, decoration, stickers, tires, engines and so forth. After they are finished, they can jump in the driver’s seat and drive on different tracks and islands for as long as they want. Just like many track and racing games, they can perform jumps and stunts and try to get across the finish line first.

With over 120 levels this game has a long supply of fun for the family, but also a lot of replayability if your child loves creating his or her own custom cars!

Download it now: iTunes

Best Racing Games For Kids On iOS Verdict

Whether your child loves racing or just playing around with cars, there’s an app on here for them! Hand your phone over to your kids, and you’ll hear squeals of joy as they race around the track in police cars or other different cars. They’ll have endless fun playing any one of these free racing games for kids on iOS!

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