7 Best Kitchen Design App For iPhone XS

Is your kitchen getting old and rundown? Is it well past time for a new kitchen renovation? Then you might want to consider using a kitchen design app for iPhone XS — a kitchen design app will allow you to start pulling renovation and design ideas together without having to consult with a designer or contractor.

This method saves a lot of time and money, and might even give you some inspiration to do your kitchen design idea yourself! Follow along below, and we’ll show you the best apps you can use for bringing your kitchen project to life!

Best Kitchen Design App For iPhone XS


1. Pinterest

Pinterest is our favorite app for pulling together kitchen design ideas. You can download it to your iPhone XS and search in the search bar for “kitchen design” and you’ll get thousands of ideas and results for inspiration. The nice thing about Pinterest is that there’s always new ideas appearing, as the content is essentially community-run. Users are always adding new ideas to Pinterest, so you’ll always have fresh content to look at! Pinterest is full of different styles as well — you’ll find inspiration for urban, rustic, country, modern, and more styles!

You can easily save ideas to look back on later, too. Find an idea you love? Pin it to a board on your profile, and you’ll always be able to look back on it later!

We really like Pinterest because it’s the perfect option for the do it yourself-er in your life! More often than not, an idea or project on Pinterest will come with a material list as well as instructions on how to accomplish it. So you want to save some money on bringing in a contractor and designer for your kitchen renovation project, Pinterest is excellent for those that don’t mind a little DIY!

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2. Adobe Color Capture

Adobe Color Capture comes up next on our list, and is really nice because of the advanced color recognition technology inside it. Take a picture of something that inspires you with Adobe Color Capture, and the app will try to recognize the colors and even help you put a color scheme together for your next project. Adobe Color Capture is capable of putting together patterns as well, so you can really come up with some neat designs for your kitchen! They have a ton of typography options as well, which means you can put together some neat text designs for you kitchen as well!

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3. Planner 5D

Planner 5D comes in as next up on our list, and is an excellent way to start planning your kitchen renovation project. You can use Planner 5D to put together whole-home designs, but it will work with smaller applications, such as kitchen projects as well. You can put together 2D or 3D environments together to start planning your kitchen project. Planner 5D even has a catalog of thousands of different products and items that you can place in your virtual kitchen to get a better idea of how it will all lay out. Once you’re done, you can easily share your kitchen plans with friends and family, or contracts and designers!

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4. Houzz

Houzz is a great option for getting a realistic and almost lifelike idea of what your kitchen will look like when the project is complete. This is because Houzz has a massive database of over 16 thousand high res images and objects.

You can sort these images by Room Types and Styles to look at kitchen-specific products, and then you can start placing them in your 3D space to get an idea of how your kitchen will layout and how those appliances will look! Find products and designs that you like, and then add them to your Ideabook to look at later.

Ready to start your design? Houzz will let you purchase those products from the Ideabook, or they can even get you in contact with contractors or designers.

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5. YouTube

Believe it or not, YouTube is an excellent kitchen designer app for iPhone. It’s mostly an excellent platform for generating ideas, and even getting tutorials on how you can spruce up your kitchen.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people, have uploaded their kitchen design ideas to YouTube, which gives you the ability to actually see what works and what doesn’t. While it’s not really a place to actually jot down ideas, it’s a great way to start up some imagination.

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6. Instagram

Instagram is another excellent platform for generating kitchen design ideas. Hundreds of thousands of people share their kitchen design ideas to Instagram everyday. There’s plenty of actual ideas being implemented in kitchens that are shown off on Instagram as well.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t really have a way that you can easily save photos. However, it does allow you to easily save the Instagram URL to your Notes app, so you can always go back and check them out later.

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7. Kitchen Planner 3D

Kitchen Planner 3D comes as last up on our list, and is one of the best ways to start laying out a floor plan and rough idea of what you want your kitchen to look like. They make it easy to plan your kitchen with an entered amount of square footage, and then you can place countertops and other appliances around that space to get a rough draft of your kitchen. You can even apply colors and textures! Once you’re done, Kitchen Planner 3D makes it easy to share your idea with friends and family, and even with contractors or designers.

Best Kitchen Design App For iPhone XS Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent kitchen design apps for the iPhone XS. Pinterest is one of the best options for DIYers, but those who want to start out with a floor plan will love Kitchen Planner 3D the most!