4 Best Crossword Puzzles For Kids On iOS

Crossword Puzzles. You might see your Dad or Grandfather doing them at the dining room table, thinking just how silly those are; however, crossword puzzles are a fantastic way for kids to have fun and grow many beneficial skills in life. At the heart of crossword puzzles are problem solving and critical thinking skills. It helps in other areas as well, such as in improving memory and concentration skills. They can increase your child’s vocabulary as well, which in itself is an early indicator of success in a child’s life. Figuring out how to find what words would fit in a crossword is a lesson in learning how to learn. These are all things that we want for our kids. So the next question is what are the best crosswords out there for kids on iOS?

Follow along with us below, and we’ll show you some of our top picks. Let’s dive right in.

Best Crossword Puzzles For Kids On iOS


1. Crossword For Kids — Word Games For Kids

Coming up as number five on our list, we have Crossword Puzzle Game For Kids. They have themes like animals, pirates, foods and more. The child sees the definition and has the opportunity to see the word used in a sentence so that it can strengthen the vocabulary learning.  Great animations are seen throughout. They help the child to visualize many of the words that they are spelling. The neat thing about this one is that you can download it for free at no cost to you.

Download it now: iTunes


2. Crossword Puzzle For Kids

In fourth, we have the aptly named Crossword Puzzle For Kids. This one offers both educational and fun puzzles, making it a great way to develop vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing skills — there’s a ton replayability in the app as well, with over 48 crosswords with more than 300 words of different categories, including animals, food, clothes, colors and many more. The app is a free download, too. This one will be most interesting for kids between the ages of 3 and 10, not necessarily much older than that.

Download it now: iTunes


3. Word Games For Kids

This app has crosswords as well as word searches and missing letters.  This allows children to have a variety of ways to practice learning new vocabulary words.  With 13 different levels, there are a lot of different words and searches to use in this app.  There are also puzzles based on different themes like Farm, Park, Forest, Animals, Sea, Foods, Numbers and more. There’s actually a bunch of different types of games within this one:

  • Word Builder – Assemble the word one letter at a time
  • Match Up – Can you match the image to the right word?
  • Word Search – Can you find each word?
  • Unscramble – Guess which word is hiding behind the tiles
  • Missing Letter – Can you find the missing letter?
  • Crosswords – Can complete the crossword puzzle?
  • Memory Cards – Can you find the matching items?
  • Bingo – A timeless classic that never gets old
  • Reader – Can you read the word and find the corresponding image?

Download it now: iTunes


4. Leo Spanish Crosswords: A Learning Game For Kids

In fourth position on our list, we have Leo Spanish Crosswords. This crossword is not only ad free and has crosswords and i-spy games, but it teaches children Spanish words, too. It puts a really unique spin on starting to learn a new language. Your child will actually have the opportunity to learn over 175 common Spanish words, which puts them on track to learning conversational espanol.

They will also get the chance to hear those words spoken by a native Spanish speaker, which helps for added retention. There are many categories to choose from: Open (words that end in vowels), Mixed (words that end in a consonant), Blends (words with a combination of 2 or three consonants together) and Digraphs (words with vowel combinations).  After each crossword is completed, there is an i-spy puzzle that become available for the child to review the words that they learned in the crossword to really drill the material in.

Download it now: iTunes

Best Crossword Puzzles For Kids On iOS Verdict

Here we’ve shown you five of the best crossword puzzles available for iOS. Crosswords are a wonderful way for children to learn a whole host of things.  Using them for vocabulary tests, spelling practice, phonetics, or even learning an entirely new language, this is a very useful tool that your child will find enjoyable. Any one of these applications will help you get your child started with crossword puzzles.

Do you have a favorite crossword puzzle for kids on iOS? Let us know in the comments section below.