7 Best Chicago Parking App For iPhone

So you’re on your way to Chicago, and one of the aspects that you’re not looking forward to is the parking. Parking in major cities — particularly capitals — are some of the worst experiences. A lot of the time, you won’t be able to find it on the streets at all, and will have to roam through parking garages to see if there are any openings. It’s a major hassle, but luckily, technology has made life a whole lot easier in this area. Just open up a Chicago parking app for iPhone, enter in your location, and it’ll help you find an open space, whether on a street, parking garage, or somewhere else.

Not sure which one to pick up for your iPhone? Follow along below, and we’ll show you some of our favorites. Here are our top picks.

Best Chicago Parking App For iPhone


1. ParkChicago

ParkChicago isn’t an app that will help you find parking spaces within the city; however it may be the most important parking app in Chicago. This app actually works in conjunction with the City of Chicago and their parking meters — it allows you to monitor and pay for your cars parking wherever there is a meter.  Just park any place you see the ParkChicago icon and download this app. Then you wont have to worry any more about the relentlessly roaming meter police. ParkChicago will handily send you notifications when your time is low, encouraging you to get ready to leave or add more time.

One of the cool aspects about ParkChiaco is that you can have parking receipts emailed to you and have a record of all your Chicago parking. This is particularly handy if you need to keep track of expenses for tax time.

Download it now: iTunes


2. BestParking

Next up, we have BestParking. This one isn’t the best application out there from a design standpoint. It’s not super clean looking, but does allow you to quickly find parking, no matter where you are. Not only that, but BestParking helps you compare parking prices so that you always get the best rate. It’s easily one of the best Chicago parking apps for iPhone because of this.

One of the cool things about BestParking is that they actually work with airports as well. No matter if you’re looking for airport, garage, or street parking, you can easily reserve with BestParking, and then sign-in with your digital parking pass.

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3. JustPark

JustPark is an app that everyone in Chicago and visiting Chicago should have on their phone. It allows you to easily find parking in the Chicago area, and all over the world. JustPark actually includes well over 20,000 reservable parking locations. You’ll be able to find on and off street parking wherever you are.

The app makes it easy to find your parking as well. You can reserve, pay for it, and get instructions for the parking spot, all right in the app.

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4. ParkWhiz

Next up, we have a neat choice called ParkWhiz. Unlike ParkChicago, this one will actually help you find and obtain parking spaces. ParkWhiz has actually worked to broker a large number of spots in parking garages around America and can offer them to you at lower prices than you would find if you just came wandering off the streets. ParkWhiz works all across the US, so if you’re visiting Chicago, you’ll need to choose from their list of locations in Chicago and see what kind of savings you can get. Then you can pay in advance and reserve your spot for the day.

Also you can have multiple user names in this app so that you can keep your personal visits and business parking expenditures separate and easy to use — again, an extremely nice feature for tax time. So it is a great app for the person who likes to visit the same city that they have to work in.

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5. SpotHero

Coming in third place on our list, we have SpotHero. With SpotHero, you can choose the city you are going to from a list of options — so in this case, Chicago — and then you will have at your fingertips a list of participating garages. Tell it the day and time you want to park and it will give you prices allowing you to comparison shop for price and location.  Then finally, you can book your spot in advance. No driving around hoping you make it before the best spots are gone. Arrive at your designated time and your spot will be there waiting. SpotHero is actually one of the best options for customer service, making sure your parking experience was positive, otherwise, they’ll work the right the wrong.

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6. SpotAngel

A similar option to SpotHero, we have SpotAngel. This parking gem is run by the people who use it — the SpotAngel community. It shows maps of cities where the app is available, including Chicago. It shows where free parking and parking garages are so you don’t have to pay anything. Not only that, but you’ll get to see where paid parking spots are as well, and has all the up to date info on pricing that you need. And then, through the power of you (the collective SpotAngel community) notifies you where open parking spots are in that area. This gives you a chance at nabbing a free sparking spot, saving you between $15 and $30 in parking for the day!

Download it now: iTunes


7. Parkmobile

And coming in at first place, we have the parking app of all parking apps: Parkmobile. Parkmobile can actually save you some big money when it comes to Chicago parking, up to 50% off on parking, actually. It has info on all kinds of parking including free and street parking. One of their highlights is the 24 hour, 7 day a week, top of the line customer service. Super helpful for negotiating or resolving any parking issues. One of our favorite features with Parkmobile is the “find your car” and “parking favorites” features so that you can reserve your favorite spot again. With directions to the spot of your choice and multiple payment options, this is a great app to use.

Download it now: iTunes

Best Chicago Parking App For iPhone Verdict

As you can see, you have a lot of choices for Chicago parking apps. Any one of these will take the guesswork and hassle out of finding parking in a major city like this; however, Parkmobile has to be one of our favorites because of the money they can save you, and their top customer service. ParkChicago is another nice one to have on your phone for monitoring parking meter spaces easily as well.