10 Awesome iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

Taking a photo using an iPhone 6 is not only fun but also a delightful experience. It’s no wonder that millions of iPhone users proudly shows off a myriad of photos in popular photo-sharing sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Photobucket, among many others. Here are 10 awesome iPhone 6 camera tips and tricks that you can do on your device, if you haven’t already.

And besides, if you have an expensive device like your iPhone 6, you might as well learn how to use it. With its powerful 8 MP camera, your iPhone is your best friend in capturing precious moments of your life. It has improved optical image stabilization, focus, among many other features translating to a more user-friendly experience. In fact, it may take you some time to fully master the true capabilities of your iPhone’s camera at all. That’s how potentially-packed your tiny little camera in there. So start snapping away using these fantastic Camera Tips And Tricks and tell us what your favorite iPhone photography tricks are in your emails!

Awesome iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

1. Terrific filters for your photos

It’s understandable if you can’t help yourself posting the first photo taken by your iPhone 6 right away but adding a filter to it should have made it even more beautiful. Enhancing your photos has never been this easy now with iPhone 6 filters.

Simply open the Gallery and press the icon at the bottom of the screen to choose your filter for a selected picture. You can then save the edited picture without altering the original picture, giving you another chance to modify it at a later time.

iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

2. Pick the most important moment using burst mode

Ever wonder how your friend captured that stunning Chihuahua leap? Your iPhone 6 camera is equipped to capture ultra fast movements with a simple press by using burst mode. You can use this mode in situations where crucial moments are hard to come by like in  sports event, party, or wedding.

Although this was originally designed to capture moving subjects, many iPhone users have also discovered to their delight that it works equally well when even when the camera itself is moving. It works perfectly by snapping pictures in very quick succession, giving you a lot of frames to choose from afterwards.

Burst mode works by pressing and holding the shutter button once you are ready to start shooting. While holding the button, a counter will appear at the bottom screen indicating how many shot have been taken. To quit, simply release the shutter button. The images will then be saved to Camera Roll.

iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

3. Time Lapse Video

Want to create a time lapse video using your iPhone 6? To access this mode, swipe through a list of shooting modes beside the shutter button until you have selected it.

This is a fun mode to use as you can use it for virtually any setting. Snapping moments of your dog, action-packed sports event, sunsets, or even a boring street corner can be a source of joy for anyone using this mode.

To avoid getting blurry images though, make sure that the phone is on top of a solid surface or a tripod/stand.

iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

4. Self-Timer Mode

Your iPhone 6 stock camera app now offers self-timer mode. You can set the timer to fire off between three and ten seconds, giving you and your friends enough time to engage those Say Cheese smiles and difficult angles. This is also great if you are trying to take a picture in low light condition. It’s always suggested though to use a stand or tripod when snapping moments in low light.

Another good thing about this mode is that the camera will take a burst shot (about 10 shots) after firing off. Kiss those grumpy faces goodbye in a flash!

iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

5. Adjust exposure manually

Apple’s new stock camera app now features the wonderful addition of picking the right exposure in a breeze. Previously, a user should adjust the exposure and focus together which was not user-friendly at most.

Now, all you have to do is tap the area on your photo that you want to nominate as the subject and base the exposure from. You can further help the camera distinguish the correct exposure via a slider that can be manipulated by your finger to lock on the correct part of the photo.

Also, you can easily adjust the exposure of the photo if you think it’s too dark or bright without changing the focus point.

6. Edit photos using the native camera app

While it’s true that there are many excellent third party apps one can use to enhance a photo, your iPhone’s stock app can also it with ease. There is a wide range of options you can use in your native app that includes changing the exposure, saturatation, contrast, and highlights. Always make sure that you save a copy of the original image you are working on to save you from potential heart aches. Although you have an option to go back to the original image by clicking revert while editing, you can never say for sure if you can remember doing it all the time.

7. Test other third party apps

The native camera app can certainly do a good job of editing your images but it doesn’t mean you won’t try other options. While not very convenient compared to using the stock app, third party editing apps have their own unique offerings that you may find more favorable. Some of the popular third party apps right now includes Camera+, ProCamera 8, Manual, Hydra, and VSCO Cam, etc.

Each of these apps excel in one certain aspect over the other so it all depends on your taste on the matter.

iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

8. Do not use the flash

Although the flash was put there for a reason, using it all the time can become more of nuisance than a true utility tool. The truth is, even if the current iPhone 6 flash is a significant improvement over its predecessors, it’s just not that powerful. In fact, it can sometimes ruin an otherwise decent image due to some strange hue in your shots. It still is simply an improved LED light that does very little to giving you the same effects as natural lighting.

We suggest that you use the camera app’s exposure slider when shooting in low light instead of using the flash. If you have plenty of natural lighting, never ever use the flash. It also doesn’t help much especially when snapping photos of food.

iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

9. Enable HDR Auto

High Dynamic Range or commonly known as HDR is a camera app feature that is useful when snapping high contrast light sources photos. It is the feature that helps you capture a nice image of a darkening mountain against a bright sunset or vice versa.

The app does this quickly by snapping multiple shots with different exposures at once, then merging them in a nice photo. If it is on, it is indicated by a yellow HDR icon at the bottom of the screen.

iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

10. Take your favorite picture using the Volume key

To prevent getting blurry pictures most of the time, use the Volume button instead of the shutter key when and you will see the difference.

If these 10 awesome iPhone 6 camera tips and tricks needs to be improved, we welcome any positive feedback through our support email below. Looking forward to hearing from you dear Readers!

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