How To Fix Apple Watch Wont Turn On Or Unresponsive

In terms of technology, Apple watch is one of the most advanced timepieces in the market today. The difference between the usual watch and the Apple watch is the former is only able to tell time and sometimes the day’s date but the latter does only tell time but is also an important and useful accessory to your iPhone. It basically does what you can normally do on an iPhone right from your wrists such as send or receive text messages, make or receive calls and so much more. Little it may seem, it is a reliable tool for your day to day activities. But, just like with all other devices it is also prone to malfunctions, hence won’t turn on or unresponsive. 

If your Apple watch is not responding or refuse to turn On, there are a few ways to try to fix it to make Apple watch function again. Read on below to find out why.



When you’re Apple watch won’t turn On or becomes unresponsive, the very first thing to do in trying to fix the problem is to perform a hard reboot on your wearable. 

Ideally, when Apple watch becomes unresponsive it is usually because of its battery that’s causing it. However, if you aren’t using it for the entire day (which means it’s not battery drained), perhaps the main reason is that it is experiencing a software crashed. Thus, a hard reboot can sometimes do the trick in solving the problem.

How to do a hard reboot:

Press and hold the Digital Crown (Dial which is located at the right side of your watch) and the Side Button (below the Digital Crown) at the same time for about 10 to 15 seconds. 

When Apple logo appears on the screen of the Apple watch, release pressing the buttons. Apple logo is appearing which means that the wearable is restarting.

Wait for : Apple watch to completely reboots and restarts

There are instances where you need to hold both Digital Crown and Side buttons for 20 seconds or even longer which is completely normal. As mentioned, wait for Apple Logo to appear.


As mentioned above, the batteries of the Apple watch could have caused for it to not turn ON or even becomes unresponsive especially if you have been using it the whole time. Which means it is completely battery drained, but if the issue happens anytime of the day, it is probably because its battery is not getting enough power when it was connected to its magnetic charging cable. So as simple as charging it can help fix the problem. Although sometimes when Apple watch is connected to its magnetic charging cable does not necessarily mean its charging. You may need to do some checks to make sure that Apple watch is indeed charging and is getting power.

Few important checks:

Make sure that the bottom part of the Apple watch where the sensors are located does not have a plastic wrap on it. If there is anything at the bottom that is stuck can interfere with the connection between the Apple watch and its magnetic charging cable 

It is likely possible that Apple watch is not charging is because the charging cable is not connected to an electrical source. It may sound simple and hilarious but sometimes this can usually happen that we forget to connect it to the wall outlet.

Make sure to check charging cable for damage such as cuts or spots that are worn-out that may be causing it not to deliver enough power to the Apple watch. To be able to know if you are not using a defective charging cable, you may try to ask someone who has an Apple watch and charge it using your charging cable. If it is displaying a lightning bolt when connected to its charger, it means that it is charging. But if it is not charging, then the charging cable is the problem and you may need to replace it.


Screen Curtain is a feature on Apple watch which you can manage via Accessibility settings. The feature is very useful and helpful for visually impaired individuals. When enabled, the watch can be operated using a sound rather than by sight. Which means the screen of the Apple watch is turned, even if Apple watch is turned On. It only allows you to manage and use Apple watch using VoiceOver.

But, if you are not visually challenged, make sure to disable VoiceOver feature so that the screen will not be turned Off that can probably make you think Apple watch is unresponsive or won’t turn off.  

How to check and disable:

Go to Watch App from the home screen of the iPhone that is paired with the watch.

On the My Watch tab, look for Accessibility tab and tap on it.

You will then see if VoiceOver is turned ON or Turned Off. If it is turned On, tap on VoiceOver tab

On the VoiceOver, Toggle OFF to turn it Off.

How to turn Off Screen Curtain:

Go to Watch App from the home screen of your iPhone

On the My Watch tab category which is located at the lower left side of the screen

Next, tap on Accessibility tab

Tap on VoiceOver

Scroll down from the list of options and click on Screen Curtain

Toggle OFF Screen curtain tab

If Screen curtain is ON, it basically turns the screen OFF. Which means that there will be no visible display on the screen of the Apple watch. 


When a device is in low power mode or power reserve mode, all functions and even the screen of the Apple watch will automatically shut down and completely goes dark.

How to manage Low Power Mode:

Reboot watch

  • Simultaneously press Digital Crown and Side Button. Both Buttons are located at the right side of the Apple watch.
  • When Apple Logo appears on the screen, you can now release holding down the buttons.

On the watch Control Panel, you may tap on the battery icon to turn ON power saving mode. Power saving mode prompt its user whenever you are already down to at least 10% of the battery