WynCASE Is The iPhone Gaming Controller We Have Always Wanted


Sure, we have read and seen a lot many game controller attachments for the iPhone and iPod touch and we have also liked some of them. Some of the well known ones, most of which started out as kickstarter projects, include ThinkGeek’s iCade, which offers a retro style gaming pad for your Apple devices, the open source iControlPad with a built in keyboard, Bladpad slideout gamepad, FlipSide and iMpulse keychain gaming controller. While all of these gaming controllers have impressed us in their own unique ways, all of them come with a couple of common shortcomings. These are, the need for a separate power source and/or the need for Bluetooth for communicating with the Apple device, which drains the battery faster. Also, most of these gaming controllers add bulk to the iPhone and iPod touch. Finally, compatible games are extremely limited.

This is where the newest boy in town shines. The WynCase by WynLabs is a first of its kind gaming controller for Apple devices (as far as my knowledge goes) which runs without batteries and does not even require Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect to your iDevice.

The reason WynCase does not require any batteries is because it takes the place of your fingers – literally. Meaning, the case makes use of the capacitive touch screen to input the keystrokes. This is achieved through WynLab’s patent-pending called BridgeTouch technology, wherein a tiny section of the screen is covered by the case at the top and at the bottom, which is then used to make the capacitive inputs. As for communicating with the iDevice the case connects via the docking port.

Due to the way in which WynCase communicates with the iDevice almost every existing iOS game can be controlled with the gamepad, be it racing games like NFS: Most Wanted, Real Racing 2 and Asphalt or arcade games like Jetpack Joyride and other popular games like Tiny Wings.

WynCase has a thin profile, but at the same time acts as a protective case for iPhones and the iPod touch. And when not in use, the case can be fitted to the back of the device, wherein it has a provision for the camera as well.

With a starting price of just $30 on Kickstarter this is one project that is worth supporting. For more details, visit the Kickstarter page from the source link below

Video: https://kck.st/124HCa5



Source: Kickstarter