WhatsApp for iPhone Getting Dark Mode Soon

  • WhatsApp is close to bringing “Dark Mode” to all iPhone users with the feature spotted in the latest developer beta.
  • WhatsApp is one of the few apps for the iPhone to not have Dark Mode yet.
  • The update could begin rolling out within the next few days or weeks with no precise timeline available as of yet.

The addition of Dark Mode to apps may seem like a thing of the past for iOS users, but there are still some apps that don’t support it. WhatsApp is one of them, although a new report suggests that this may change soon. It is said that beta testers have already received a version of WhatsApp with the aforementioned Night Mode feature, hinting that the feature will make its way to all iPhone users before too long.

There’s no word on why it took WhatsApp so long to bring this feature to its app given that almost every other popular social media app comes with Dark Mode on iOS. This was part of a push by Apple to increase the look of apps after dark, providing relief from the bright flashing screen, especially at night time.

The developers who received the beta update mention that the new WhatsApp Dark Mode update will also include a few dark wallpapers, so it should be a decent addition to your iPhone overall. Since the update is only live in beta channels now, there’s no telling when WhatsApp will begin pushing this update to its users, although we don’t think it should be too long from now.

If you have access to WhatsApp beta on iOS be sure to let us know what you make of the new improvements. In the meanwhile, regular users are recommended to be on the lookout for an update notification on your iPhone.

Via: The Verge