watchOS 6.2 Will Bring In-App Purchases to Apple Watch Apps

  • Apple’s upcoming watchOS 6.2 update will allow developers to add in-app purchases to watchOS apps.
  • It is said that this will work on the StoreKit API.
  • Apple sent a developer update highlighting the new changes with watchOS 6.2, which is currently in beta.

Developers who are currently using the beta of watchOS 6.2 received a note from Apple asking them to prepare for a new feature update. Well, it’s not just any small feature, but the ability to add in-app purchases to Apple Watch apps. It is said that this will work on the StoreKit API, so the company is urging developers to prepare for the commercial release of watchOS 6.2.

The company’s developer update read – “With the public release of watchOS 6.2, you’ll be able to offer in‑app purchases directly in your watchOS apps, so users can access premium content, digital goods, subscriptions, and more, all right from their wrist. Get started today by downloading Xcode 11.4 beta, implementing the StoreKit API, and build for the beta version of watchOS.”

The ability to make in-app purchases from your Apple Watch is bound to be a very lucrative offer for developers, and may even encourage more developers to join the fray.

Yesterday, we spoke about Apple spending $155 billion in payouts to developers, while Google just touched $80 billion recently. This illustrates perfectly well how Apple’s ecosystem has provided a stable revenue-generating platform while Android doesn’t get the same kind of traction, particularly for paid apps and in-app purchases.

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Source: Apple

Via: iDownloadBlog