Why Won’t My Video Upload to Facebook from My iPhone? Here’s the solution!

Uploading videos to Facebook has become a seamless and popular way to share our captured moments with friends and family. However, it can be frustrating when you encounter technical difficulties, and your videos refuse to upload from your iPhone to Facebook. The issue on video upload to Facebook persists for many users, creating a barrier to seamlessly sharing content.

cannot upload video to facebook from iphone error

Whether it’s a video of your child’s first steps or a breathtaking sunset, the inability to successfully upload videos can be infuriating. What is the reason behind this glitch? Is it a problem with your iPhone, Facebook’s servers, or an issue with the app itself? This is what we’re going to tackle in this post.

Read on and explore the common factors contributing to videos not uploading on Facebook from iPhones. We will also provide some possible solutions to help you overcome this frustrating obstacle and get your videos shared with the world.

Understanding the Process of Video Upload to Facebook from an iPhone

Uploading a video to Facebook from an iPhone involves a series of steps, starting with creating or selecting the video file you want to upload. Once this is done, you would then need to open the Facebook app on your iPhone and navigate to the portion of the app where you can post videos. Here, you will upload the video file through a dedicated interface in the Facebook app.

Factors that Complicate Video Upload on Facebook

Despite the process sounding quite straightforward, trying to upload a video to Facebook may only sometimes be successful. Various reasons might inhibit your video file from being uploaded successfully onto your Facebook account. It could be due to factors tied to your internet connection or concerns surrounding the state of your video file itself.

Factors Regarding Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection could be causing complications when it comes to uploading videos onto your Facebook account. When experiencing difficulties during a video upload, check if there’s a stable connection with Facebook servers. A weak or disrupted internet connection can cause the upload status of your Facebook video to get stuck at times and ultimately render you unable to upload.

Factors Concerning Your Video File

The issue of not being able to upload could also occur if there’s something wrong with your video file itself. Some underlying causes may include issues like corrupted video data or incompatible formats. In such situations, using a video converter tool could solve these problems by converting inappropriate formats such as DVD Video, DV Video, Nullsoft Video, or QuickTime Video into ones supported by Facebook (such as MP4).

For instance, if “Facebook not uploading video” errors repeatedly occur even after having tried uploading your videos several times, you might be dealing with a damaged video. You can fix this issue by repairing the damaged file using specialized software tools before trying again to upload it through your web browser or through direct upload on the Facebook app.

Let’s remember that in order for videos to be suitably viewable and high quality after they’ve been successfully uploaded, they must comply with certain specifications for optimal display on the platform; this applies especially when attempting file uploads suitable for Facebook HD video display.

Required Specifications for Successful Video Upload on Facebook

Facebook has strict requirements when it comes to uploading videos; these concern everything, including aspects such as the length and size of your video, as well as its aspect ratio and format. The best video format for Facebook is MP4, which is commonly supported among most platforms and devices, including iPhones.

The length of a successful video upload on Facebook should not exceed 240 minutes, while its maximum size shouldn’t surpass 10GB (which is usually plenty for regular uploads). As for aspect ratio, horizontal videos (16:9) function well, although either portrait videos (9:16) or square videos are also feasible options.

When it comes down right to it, though, knowing why “Facebook won’t upload my video” entails that you try uploading the videos again after having accounted for all necessary specifications.

Ways To Fix Issues With Uploading Videos 

Even with this information about the required protocol when performing a Facebook video upload via iPhone, there might still remain issues incompliant with it even though everything seems in order; henceforth, we shall explore certain solutions used in fixing those problems which prevent successful uploads.   

1. Checking Updates

Firstly, ensure that both your iPhone’s operating system and installed applications are all updated – this also includes having installed any available update for Facebook while heading over next to its icon on any potential home screen location.            

2. Restarting FB App

If any given error persists, still making you unable “to post photos and videos,” then try force-closing and then opening your app again: however, should none of these processes work – simply uninstall then reinstall it.         

3. Check Internet Connection

Slow or inconsistent internet connections might either disallow uploads of footage onto social networks like their online platform or cause such loads as becoming stuck midway throughout an overall process – thus pausing entirely whatever transfer was ongoing previously before subsequent continuation later post-renewal unto network access plus server restoration.  

4. Convert Video Formats

Unsupported formats regarding footage intended currently towards becoming shared typically display an “upload error message.” To rule this out, try to convert your video file to a Facebook-compatible format.

Here are the steps on how to convert video files on Facebook:

1. Choose a video converter. There are many free and paid video converters available online. Some popular options include:

  • HandBrake: A free and open-source video converter that supports a wide range of input and output formats.
  • Movavi Video Converter: A paid video converter that offers a variety of features, including the ability to convert videos to different formats, compress videos, and add effects.
  • Online-convert.com: A free online video converter that allows you to convert videos to a variety of formats without having to download any software.

2. Import your video file. Once you have chosen a video converter, you will need to import your video file into the converter. This can usually be done by clicking on the “Add Files” button or by dragging and dropping the video file into the converter window.

3. Choose the output format. Facebook recommends that you convert your videos to MP4 or MOV format. However, you can also choose to convert your video to a different format if you prefer.

4. Set the output settings. You can also set the output settings for your video, such as the quality, the frame rate, and the audio codec.

5. Convert the video. Once you have set the output settings, you can click on the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.

6. Download the converted video. Once the conversion process is complete, you can download the converted video file.

Here are some additional tips for converting video files for Facebook:

  • Make sure that your video file is the correct size. Facebook limits the file size of videos that can be uploaded to 4GB.
  • Choose a high-quality output format. This will ensure that your video looks good when it is played on Facebook.
  • Set the output settings to match your needs. For example, if you want to upload your video to Facebook Live, you will need to set the frame rate to 30fps.

Final Thoughts

Videos may not upload on Facebook from an iPhone due to various reasons. Firstly, if the video file size is too large, it may exceed the upload limit set by Facebook. Secondly, a poor or unstable internet connection can cause issues during the upload process. Lastly, if the Facebook app or the iOS version on your iPhone needs to be updated, compatibility issues may arise, preventing successful video uploads.

Several factors can hinder you from uploading videos on Facebook, but such a problem can easily be resolved using any of the above solutions.

Uploading Videos on Facebook from iPhone FAQs

  1. Q: How can I upload videos on Facebook from my iPhone?

    A: To upload videos on Facebook from your iPhone, follow these steps:
    1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone.
    2. Tap on the “What’s on your mind?” section to create a new post.
    3. Tap on the camera icon to access your camera roll.
    4. Select the video you want to upload from your camera roll.
    5. Add a description or any other details to your post if desired.
    6. Tap on “Post” to upload the video to your Facebook account.

  2. Q: Why is my video on Facebook not uploading?

    A: There could be several reasons why your video is not uploading on Facebook. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:
    1. Check your internet connection to ensure it is stable.
    2. Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your iPhone.
    3. Clear the cache and cookies of the Facebook app and try again.
    4. Try uploading a different video to see if the issue persists.

  3. Q: How can I fix the issue of Facebook not uploading my video?

    A: Here are a few solutions you can try to fix the issue of Facebook not uploading your video:
    1. Reinstall the Facebook app on your iPhone.
    2. Clear the cache and cookies of the Facebook app.
    3. Make sure your video meets the requirements of Facebook.
    4. Convert your video to a compatible format, such as MP4.

  4. Q: How long can a video be to upload it on Facebook?

    A: Facebook allows you to upload videos that are up to 240 minutes long.

  5. Q: What should be the video quality for uploading on Facebook?

    A: For optimal results, Facebook recommends uploading videos in HD quality.

  6. Q: What can I do if my video upload on Facebook is stuck?

    A: If your video upload on Facebook is stuck, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:
    1. Check your internet connection to ensure it is stable.
    2. Close and reopen the Facebook app.
    3. Restart your iPhone.
    4. Try uploading the video again after a while.

  7. Q: Why is my Facebook video not uploading successfully?

    A: There can be various reasons why your Facebook video is not uploading successfully. Some possible reasons include a poor internet connection, incompatible video format, or exceeding the maximum video length allowed by Facebook.

  8. Q: What are the requirements for uploading a video on Facebook?

    A: To upload a video on Facebook, make sure it meets the following requirements:
    1. The video must be in a compatible format, such as MP4.
    2. The video should be, at most, the maximum length allowed by Facebook (240 minutes).
    3. The video should be of sufficient quality, preferably HD.

  9. Q: Why can’t I upload a video on Facebook?

    A: If you are unable to upload a video on Facebook, there can be various reasons for this issue. Some possible solutions include checking your internet connection, ensuring your video meets the requirements of Facebook, and trying again after some time.

  10. Q: What can I do if my video won’t upload to Facebook?

    A: If your video doesn’t upload to Facebook, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:
    1. Check your internet connection to ensure it is stable.
    2. Clear the cache and cookies of the Facebook app.
    3. Convert your video to a compatible format, such as MP4.
    4. Try uploading the video from a different device or network.

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