Upcoming iOS Update Will Offer More Exposure to Third-Party Apps with Siri

Developers have often complained about Siri’s behavior which opens the Messages or stock Phone app by default for messaging or calling. While you can open other apps with a specific voice command, Siri defaults every non-specific command to Apple’s own native apps. This is set to change according to Apple which gave out the details to Bloomberg.

Apple mentions that in an upcoming update, this feature will be modified to cleverly allow Siri to open the last used or most frequently used app for that particular contact. This means Siri could direct you to third-party apps by default rather than taking you to iMessage (Messages) or even the stock dialer.


The brief by Apple also mentions that developers will need to enable Siri support for this to work. The company will roll out the messaging feature soon followed by a future update to make Siri redirect to third-party calling apps like Skype, Viber or even WhatsApp.

Since all of this is based on the user’s preferences for a particular contact, this could make lives a whole lot easier for users. Unfortunately, Apple failed to give an ETA for these updates, but the fact that it’s currently in development is pretty good news for iOS users.

Apple has made some radical changes with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, bringing in a revamped user interface and a system-wide Dark theme along with the ability to alternate between Light and Dark themes depending on the time of the day. Although the update was plagued with a few bugs, Apple was quick to fix them and subsequently send out patches to its devices.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: 9to5Mac