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How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone


The quickest and simplest way for text message privacy is to hide the alerts on your messages, this way new messages that come through your phone will not light up your phone and show an alert. These alerts often show a preview of the messages right on your lock screen for everybody near you to

How to Add Your Own Music or Sound to Tik Tok Videos

add own music or sound to tik tok videos

Now that you have created your new Tik Tok account, you might be wondering how to add your own music or sound to your Tik Tok videos. Worry no more as I will help you on how to do it. Just prepare your phone and read further.  As we know, Tik Tok has been providing

How to Change Your Gmail Password [Help Guide]

change your gmail password

If you want to change your Gmail password but don’t know how, we have mapped out simple instructions to get this matter done. Continue reading… Is there a time you’ve become so worried thinking that someone might have accessed your Gmail account? Or you’ve previously shared your password to your partner but you have realized

How to Download and Install Firefox on MacBook

install firefox on macbook

Your MacBook already has a pre-installed web browser called Safari. While Apple did a good job in improving it, there are many of us who prefer to use other browsers. I personally am used to having Firefox on my computers so when I bought my MacBook, the first thing I did after the setup was

How to Create a New Tik Tok Account in 2 Minutes 2020

create a new tik tok account

Tik Tok has been the talk of the town lately. It has surge as one of the most popular apps that is meant to provide entertainment. And if you’re being carried away by this hype, learn how to create a new Tik Tok account in just a matter of 2 minutes.  People these days are

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Photos

recover deleted facebook photos

Unlike other platforms, Facebook doesn’t have any sort of trash bin to recycle deleted contents like pictures. You might think that it is not possible to recover deleted Facebook photos. But there are actually ways to get those memorable photos back.  Facebook has been one of the most commonly used social media platforms and has

How to Reset Tik Tok Password in 2 Minutes

reset tik tok password

Have you been using the Tik Tok app but needs help on how to reset Tik Tok password? Don’t worry as you’re in the right place. Read further and find out how you can reset the forgotten password of your Tik Tok account in just a couple of minutes and enjoy using the app again. 

How to Activate Dark Mode on iPhone 11

activate dark mode iphone 11

Upon the release of iOS 13 to Apple devices, a lot of iPhone users got excited as it will offer an all new experience to their devices.  Considered as one of its coolest features is you can now activate dark mode. That means it will provide a new look on how you will see your

How To Cancel App Store Subscriptions on Mac

cancel app store subscriptions on mac

You might find yourself in trouble due to an unexpected notification about a subscription on a certain app at the Mac App Store. And to add up, you don’t know how to cancel app store subscriptions. If that is correct, then this post is for you.  It could be easy to get tricked and be

Best Resume Apps For iPhone In 2020

Creating resumes can be tricky at times. But in this world where technology has been competitive recently, app developers have engaged in different things. In this post, you’ll find out the best resume apps for iPhone in 2020.  Did you recently quit your job and trying to find a new one? Or is this the

How To Change Your MacBook’s Name

change your macbook's name

When I first set up my MacBook Air and tried to AirDrop some files from my iPhone, it’s name was actually the first name I used when I signed up for an Apple ID. So I thought that’s the way it should be and that you could never change your MacBook’s name into something cool.