How to Turn Email Notifications On or Off on iPhone 13 Mail App

There are email messages that you don’t want to miss, that’s why we always have a choice to either enable email notifications or not.

Emails are considered official documents. Official memos are often circulated as emails and employers often answer questions from their employees through the same email that contain the memo.

That’s why if you work in a big company that has a tradition of using emails as a means to communicate with its workers, then you probably have a message in your inbox that contains a very long thread.

Apple already thought of such situations, that’s why in your iPhone Mail app, you have an option to enable or disable notifications for certain emails.

Easy Way To Enable Mail Notifications on iPhone 13

Before anything else, be sure to keep your phone’s volume set at an appropriate level to ensure that notifications can be heard. The following steps however do not involve alteration of the volume controls to mute or unmute notification alerts for an email.

Step 1: To begin, find the Mail app and tap on it. This will open the app and bring you to your mailboxes.

By default, the Mail app is located in the Home screen, unless you moved its icon to other screens.

Step 2: Find and tap Inbox.

This will show you the list of your emails.

Step 3: Now find that email you want to specifically enable the notifications for, and then swipe the preview to the left to reveal the options to the right.

Step 4: Tap More to continue.

It’s the first option from the left.

Step 5: Swipe up from the bottom to view all items.

Step 6: To turn notifications on for the selected email, tap Notify me.

It’s the last option you can find.

And that’s how you enable the email notification on your iPhone 13. However, if you’ve already enabled the notifications for a bunch of emails, it might be difficult to manage notifications.

We suggest that you flag the emails that you turned the notifications on because if you decide to disable the notification, it will be easier to do so.

Speaking of which, to disable the notification for a specific email, simply follow the procedures above and tap Stop Notifying at the end.

Please take note that the Mail app on your iPhone 13 will also notify you upon the message arrival, provided that you enabled the notification on your device.

If you also have a Mac set up with the same account, you will receive a desktop alert once the emails arrive.

And that’s pretty much it.

We hope that this simple guide can help you somehow.