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You Can Now Watch Disney+ on Your iPhone or iPad

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It’s November 12, which means Disney+ is now available for download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As you would expect, the app is free to download and requires a subscription or free trial to access. It comes with a bunch of original programming as well as several other older Disney content. The debut

Apple TV 4K Vs Amazon Fire TV Cube Best Streaming Device 2020

If you’re trying to outfit your home with a new streaming device, you might want to consider what Apple has to offer with the Apple TV 4K and what Amazon has to offer with its all-new Fire TV Cube. These are two of the top streaming devices that you can pick up today, and so, it’s

HBO Max Launching in May 2020 with an Aggressive Pricing


There has been much talk about the arrival of HBO Max over the past few months since the service was first announced. WarnerMedia gave away more information today, particularly with regards to pricing and availability. The company has confirmed that the service will debut in May 2020. What’s surprising, however, is the pricing of $14.99 per

Disney+ Can Now Pre-Ordered in the U.S., But You Can’t Watch It Until November

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Disney recently took the streaming world by storm with the announcement of its streaming service known as Disney+ that brings together some of the biggest production houses in the industry. This includes names like Marvel Studios, Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar, and more. The service can now be pre-ordered, which seems slightly odd because you