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Former Apple CEO Acknowledges Samsung as Apple’s Formidable Foe

[Photo Credit: CNN Money] Apple has spent the last five years selling its iPhone at the expensive end of the line, charging $200 for its contract smartphones and $649 for its off-contract smartphones. For years, carriers have listened to Apple and given in to Apple’s demands. As of late, however, some carriers (European) have decided

Galaxy S4 Rumored to Appear By Summer 2013

  It is that time of year again when the rumors heat up regarding the top electronics items over which consumers will drool. January is a perfect month to create hype and spread rumors about the latest gadgets to hit the consumer market. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 came out around the time that Google’s Nexus 7

The IPhone Mini: What We Know and Why It Is a Wise Move for Apple

Apple emerged with the iPad Mini this past September (2012), and tech reports suggest that the Mini iPad has become a splash hit, eating up iPad Major sales. There is something about an 8-inch tablet that seems to be an excellent product for an excellent price. Apple gambled when it posted a minimum $329 price