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How to fix an Apple iPhone XS that is charging very slowly or unable to complete charging, or not charging at all [Troubleshooting Guide]

Charging problems in mobile devices can be due to software problems or hardware damage. Among the common culprits include but not limited to rogue apps, bad updates, battery and charger issues. Oftentimes, charging issues from slow/intermittent charging to no charging occur among other post-update problems. Highlighted below are simple solutions to a relevant issue on

How to charge Apple Watch 4

Your Apple Watch 4 is only as good as its battery for it will be useless without power. It’s important that you check the battery level from time to time and charge the watch before the battery is completely depleted. Some users complained having issues charging their Apple Watches after letting them drain their batteries

How to fix iPhone 6 slow charging issue, other power charging issues

Having power-related problems with your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (#iPhone6 #iPhone6Plus)? This post might be able to give you an idea where to start with your troubleshooting. Charging and boot problems on iOS devices are some of the common problems we usually encounter. The fact that there are many readers sending us requests