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Apple Remains the Most Valuable Brand in the World for the 7th Consecutive Year

Global branding consultancy firm Interbrand has posted its list of the top 10 most valuable brands in the world, and Apple has unsurprisingly managed to top the list. Interestingly, this is the 7th consecutive year that Apple is retaining the top spot. The list also includes other brands like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and so

5 Best Tablet For The Money In 2019

We all want to get the most bang for our buck in anything we purchase. Not only that, but we don’t want to buy things that aren’t going to last or are known to fail. The same goes for tablets — we want to get the best for our money, but we certainly don’t want

Microsoft Will No Longer Make Nokia X Android Phones

Before Microsoft bought Nokia a project called Nokia X was already initiated by the Finland based company. This is an Android based Nokia device that doesn’t have Google services installed, instead it relies mostly on Microsoft services. Even the user interface of the models in this line are different from Android devices closely resembling that

Microsoft Develops A Smart Bra

We all know Microsoft as a tech company that’s a leader in the software industry. It appears that the company is branching out into other products as it aims to bring artificial intelligence into women’s lingerie. Researchers at the company have developed a prototype of a “smart bra” that’s capable of tracking a woman’s emotional

Wearable Technology? It’s a Trend Contender for 2013

The words “wearable” and “technology” are not often two words you will see placed adjacent to one another; yet, the phrase is one that will become a neat concept in the new year, if major tech giants have their way. The idea of wearing the latest gadgets is an area in which companies have yet

Microsoft Drops Windows Live Messenger, Forces Users to Switch to Skype

It is now time to say goodbye to your Windows Live Messenger application! Microsoft announced that they will be scrapping their own messenger on March 2013 and they are now encouraging their users to use Skype instead, a move that was expected after the giant company bought Skype last year. Earlier this year, Microsoft Skype

Microsoft Surface Tablet Endorsed by Oprah Winfrey

A recent poll from The Associated Press showed that 69 percent of almost 1200 respondents said that they are not interested in getting the Surface tablet from Microsoft. While the result of the AP survey looks very concerning, Microsoft got a huge boost after one of the most famous personalities in the world expressed her

Windows 8, Surface Tablet: Microsoft’s Key Weapons against Apple, Google

The advent of mobile innovations, as manifested by the state-of-the-art smartphone and tablet devices has progressively outpaced the role of PCs these days. In order not to be totally left in arrears, Microsoft has stepped up into mobile on Thursday, introducing the latest version of its flagship Windows OS labeled Windows 8 (Win8), along with

Xbox Music Launched by Microsoft to Compete With Apple’s iTunes

Microsoft released their new music service Xbox Music that aims to compete against Apple’s iTunes. The new Microsoft music service was made available for Xbox owners on Tuesday, replacing Zune, which struggled to compete with the well-loved music application from Apple. Xbox Music general manager Jerry Johnson said that the release is a huge step