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5 Best Tablet For The Money In 2019

We all want to get the most bang for our buck in anything we purchase. Not only that, but we don’t want to buy things that aren’t going to last or are known to fail. The same goes for tablets — we want to get the best for our money, but we certainly don’t want

Lenovo Downplays RIM Acquisition Rumors

Lenovo downplayed the growing speculations that the company is planning to buy Research In Motion as part of their plan to boost their mobile-device business. Lenovo, which is the second-largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world, made headlines last week when Chief Financial Officer Wong Wai Ming said that they are looking at all

Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 Off-Contract for $200, On-Contract for $100

Lenovo has been known for making tablets, but the company’s electronics are now available at AT&T. Lenovo’s IdeaTab A2107 is now off-contract at AT&T for $200, on-contract for $100. The difference in price is because of the subsidies carriers pay for contract agreements versus the full price consumers cover in an off-contract agreement. The IdeaTab

Lenovo Claims Top Spot in Global Personal Computer Market

Chinese computer company Lenovo became the holder of the top spot in the list of global leaders in the consumer and notebook personal computer market, the company announced on Thursday. Despite the continuous decline of sales in the PC market, Lenovo recorded 15.6 percent share from July to September, which is the highest in company’s