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Apple iPhone 7 Email Problems: Cannot send or receive emails, Mail app not working, email won’t sync, other email issues [Troubleshooting Guide]

More and more transactions can now be accomplished through mobile devices. Aside from texting and calling, many people are now transitioning to mobile email processing wherein the typical email (business or personal) transactions  are carried out through mobile email applications. Needless to say, many people especially those who are always on the go are benefited

Apple iPhone 7 Screen Rotation Problem: screen orientation not working, gyroscope/accelerometer not working, stuck on portrait or landscape view [Troubleshooting Guide]

Screen rotation issue has manifested among the first few display problems affecting the new iPhone 7 device. For some reasons, some of the iPhone 7 variants even those that are just recently purchased are depicting troubles when it comes to switching between portrait and landscape modes. Your iPhone display is similar to that of a

Apple iPhone 7 Operating System and Software Guide: How to check for updates, install iOS updates, update carrier settings, update PRL, factory reset, restore iOS via recovery mode

This post demonstrates different device management procedures that will help keep your #Apple iPhone 7 (#iPhone7) software more stable and efficient. The new iOS flagship smartphone comes with the latest iOS version, the iOS 10. This iOS operating system is packed with various software enhancements as well as new features and functions that promise every