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Messages stopped working on Apple iPhone XS after iOS 12.2 update

Some owners of the Apple iPhone XS have been complaining because Messages stopped working all of the sudden after they’ve updated their devices to iOS 12.2. On March 25, Apple rolled out the latest iOS update for iPhone 5s and later iPhones and iPad devices. The update is pushed to address a denial of service

How to fix Apple iPhone XS Keyboard that often gets stuck and laggy

There are many possible reasons as to why your iPhone keyboard suddenly gets laggy or stuck. Often times, this could happen when the iPhone keyboard app has crashed, when triggered by some software glitches including bad apps or faulty updates, and likewise when the phone is enduring some display/screen problems. If these symptoms occur more

How to fix an Apple iPhone XS that is charging very slowly or unable to complete charging, or not charging at all [Troubleshooting Guide]

Charging problems in mobile devices can be due to software problems or hardware damage. Among the common culprits include but not limited to rogue apps, bad updates, battery and charger issues. Oftentimes, charging issues from slow/intermittent charging to no charging occur among other post-update problems. Highlighted below are simple solutions to a relevant issue on

How to fix lagging and freezing problems on your Apple iPhone XS

Lagging and freezing are among the most common performance-related problems reported by owners of the Apple iPhone XS who recently updated their devices to iOS 12.1.4. Seldom will you hear of a new Apple device to act up. But it’s not an impossible circumstance especially after installing a new system update. In fact, many iOS