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How to enable Do Not Disturb on Apple iPhone XR

Aside from the power switch, most of the built-in features of an iPhone are designed in a binary scheme or can be turned on or off. This is to ensure that all possible demands of end-users are met. Among these so-called binary features found on the iPhone XR is DND or Do Not Disturb. As

How to fix iPhone XR internet connection that’s very slow

Slow browsing problem is when your browser takes very long to load a page or website. Sometimes the symptom is isolated to certain sites/pages if not a widespread issue. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue on the iPhone XR. Read on to learn what to do if your iPhone XR’s internet connection is

How to Turn Personal Hotspot on or off for the Apple iPhone XR

A personal hotspot is technically known as an ad hoc wireless access point, which enables devices such as pocket routers and smartphones to share existing cellular data connection. These portable hotspots create Wi-Fi networks wherein multiple nearby devices can share such as laptop, tablets, iPod and other mobile phones. Latest smartphones like the Apple iPhone