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How To Fix The Apple iPhone 4 No Service Error Issue

Apple iPhone 4 No Service Error

The #Apple #iPhone4 is an older generation iPhone model which was first released in June 2010. It has a solid build quality made of an Aluminum frame with glass on both the front and back. It uses a 3.5 inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels that’s protected by Corning

How to Fix Common iPhone 4 Problems

Welcome to our first troubleshooting guide on Apple’s iPhone 4. We are well aware that this is already an old device that isn’t even supported anymore by iOS 8. We however are featuring this model since there are still quite a number of people using it. Apple may not be supporting this device anymore but

How To Fix Common iPhone 4 Problems

The iPhone 6 may be released soon but to most people the iPhone 4 is still their smartphone of choice. We know that this is a rather old device however some of our readers are still using this phone which is why we will be featuring it in this post. Most of the emails sent