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Apple iPad mini 4 revealed to be packing 2GB of RAM and a smaller battery

iPad mini 4

The #iPadMini4 is undoubtedly an upgrade over the third gen variant. A new teardown has now revealed as to exactly what’s different with the new model and the findings might surprise many. While the tablet is shown to be sporting 2GB of RAM underneath, the battery capacity is revealed to be smaller this time around. This

Apple officially stops selling the first gen iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Apple has officially discontinued sales of the first gen iPad Mini tablet, more than two and a half years after its launch. What this also means is that Apple only has iOS devices with Retina Displays now, which tells us how far along Apple has come over the past few years. The Retina Display was first

The IPhone Mini: What We Know and Why It Is a Wise Move for Apple

Apple emerged with the iPad Mini this past September (2012), and tech reports suggest that the Mini iPad has become a splash hit, eating up iPad Major sales. There is something about an 8-inch tablet that seems to be an excellent product for an excellent price. Apple gambled when it posted a minimum $329 price

Yes, There Is An iPad Mini – & Also A New iPad!

Everyone thought they knew it all. Apple has a new event planned for October and thanks to dozens of leaks and revelations we already know that we are going to see a new iPad model being launched – the iPad mini to be specific. We also know almost everything there is to it, in terms

Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi Only Launch Slated this Month

Industry sources recently claimed the much anticipated “iPad mini” of Apple is likely to be a Wi-Fi only device, which means it is not capable of 3G or 4G Internet connectivity. It also denotes that Apple is indeed keen on moving into the 7-inch tablet market. Apple however, would also be launching a new version