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Rumor: All iOS 13 Running iPhones Will Be Compatible With iOS 14

iphone no service after iOS 13.3 update - troubleshooting guide

As per a new report by a French site, Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 operating system will support the same devices as iOS 13. However, some iPads may fall out of favor as Apple looks to cut the number of compatible iPadOS devices. The fact that iOS 14 will be compatible with every iOS 13 running

My iPad Won’t Turn On. Here Are Four Ways To Fix It!

ipad won't turn on

You might not be able to do great things like reading and sending emails, browsing the web, video streaming, listening to your favorite music and many more if your iPad won’t turn on after updating to the latest version of iOS.  This kind of issue has been experienced recently by few iPad users after updating

How To Connect Bluetooth Mouse to iPad with iPadOS

connect bluetooth mouse to ipad pairing mode

Apple has added a new feature to iOS and iPadOS and that’s the capability to connect Bluetooth mouse to iPad and iPhone. This is a part of the Accessibility feature that makes it easier for you to interact with your device. If you’re an iPad owner, this feature somehow turns your device into a MacBook

Apple Releases iOS 13.2.3 with Bug Fixes and Mail Related Patches

Apple has released multiple iOS 13 updates since its first release a couple of months ago. The company has now issued a new update that patches some minor issues with the Mail and Messages app, while also carrying the usual suite of bug fixes. This update is also rolling out to iPadOS users, with the

How to fix YouTube app that keeps crashing on iPad Pro 2018

You’ve got nothing to do so you’ve decided to get entertained by watching interesting videos on YouTube app. But for some reason, the supposed to be fun video streaming experience becomes a headache because the app isn’t working as it should. For some reason, something triggers YouTube app to suddenly crash and stop working. If

How to unlock iPad without restoring

Apple iPad Pro

If you own an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, being locked out of your device is one of the things you wouldn’t want to happen. Being locked out of your iOS device is definitely a raw deal since the process of restoring the device is indeed tedious. Performing an iOS restore is by

What to do if your Apple iPad won’t connect to WiFi

WiFi problems in iOS devices are inevitable. Sometimes the underlying cause of the problem is on the network so there’s not much that can be done on your end. The most common symptom is that your iPad won’t connect to the WiFi network it used to connect. Other symptoms on the other hand are inflicted

How to fix an iPad, iPhone iOS 13 that suddenly reboots when idle

One of the major problems anyone could encounter after installing system updates is on unexpected system crashes and reboots. These are tagged as major issues because it involves the core system functions. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue transpiring on an iPad and iPhone after the iOS 13 (beta) update implementation. To address