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How To Remove Yourself From A Group Text

Group texts are a great way for multiple people to communicate with each other around a specific subject or topic. If you were inviting multiple friends to head off for a Friday night dinner, a group text would be the best way to organize and structure information around the event. It makes it easier to

How To Add Someone To A Group Text

Group texts are an excellent way to setup events with friends and coordinate large group outing — it prevents you from having to message all of the involved people on an individual basis. It essentially streamlines the process by making communication a whole lot more efficient. Large group texts can get out of hand pretty

How to turn off your iPhone

Turning off an iPhone that runs on the new iOS 12 platform can be carried out through the hardware button combos and using the shutdown option from the settings menu. While this is already a no-brainer to iOS loyalists, those who just made a switch from Android to iOS will likely need some basic pointers.