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Google Translate update brings iPad Split View support

Apple iPad Google Translate

#GoogleTranslate on the iPad has seen a big update today which finally introduces Split View support on the device. This means that users can have the app running and open another window (messages, notes etc) to translate content more efficiently. Apart from this, Google Translate can now detect printed text using the camera in more languages

You can now use an Android Wear smartwatch with the iPhones, officially

iOS Android Wear

It was rumored last week that #Google might officially enable support for #AndroidWear with the upcoming #HuaweiWatch. It seems like that report was true as Google has now officially announced that Android Wear smartwatches will finally support the Apple iPhones. At this point, only the #LG #WatchUrbane is said to be compatible with Android Wear,

Google for iOS app gets support for always-on “Ok Google” commands

Although iOS has the Siri voice assistant by default, users have also been given the option to make use of Google’s offering, also known as Google Now. This is the default voice assistant on Android and comes with nifty voice search features which gives it an edge over the competitors. However, it has been found

Google Introduces $1000 Project Tango Tablet Dev Kit

We already know that Google is working on Project Tango, a mobile device that comes with advanced sensors capable of creating a 3D map of its surroundings. In fact, the company has already previously the Tango developer kit for smartphones early this year. Today, the search giant has announced a new developer kit that’s coming

Google’s Smart Contact Lens Can Monitor Glucose Levels

Google is working on a new type of contact lens that can measure a person’s glucose levels in tears. The tech giant is hoping that this will soon be used diabetes patients in the near future. A functional prototype of the device was revealed last week with doctors saying that it will soon replace the

Andy Rubin Steps Down As Google’s Android Chief

Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin stepped down from his post after Google Incorporated decided to combine their mobile software divisions into one department, the company announced on Wednesday night. The company announced the development in a statement posted on their official blog wherein Google Chief Executive and co-founder Larry Page offered praises to Rubin for

Google Chromebook Pixel Released

Google released their newest laptop called Chromebook Pixel that is now available on Play Store in the United States and United Kingdom and will soon be available on Best Buy. Google Vice President of Engineering Linus Upson announced the features of the Chromebook Pixel, which is powered by Google’s Chrome OS that was built around

Nexus 4 Reaches All T-Mobile Locations

[Photo Credit: Google Play Store] The Nexus 4 is considered to be one of the most elusive handsets Google has ever created in its smartphone line. The Nexus 4 sold out in large numbers last Fall when it first arrived on Google’s Play Store site. It came with either 8GB or 16GB for $199 and

Nexus 7 Outpaces the IPad, May Gain A Younger Brother and Cousin Soon

The iPad has become the standard for tablets in the tech world. As a proud owner of the iPad 3, I can say with certainty that Apple’s tablets had no competition when I purchased my device. Retina technology made the iPad gorgeous, and graphics and games have always been extremely clear and life-like. When you’re

Google Nexus Tablet Fares Poorly in Torture Test at International CES

[Photo Credit: Google Play Store] Google’s Nexus 7 tablet was hailed as one of the most economical tablets on the market during the 2012 summer season. At that time, Apple had not yet produced a seven-inch tablet for the tablet market, and the closest tablet to Google’s Nexus 7 was Amazon’s six-inch classic Kindle (not