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How to fix delayed touchscreen response problem on iPad Pro 2018

Every other smartphone and tablet may bump into random performance issues including sluggishness, lags, system crashes, unresponsiveness, and boot loops. Often times, the emerging symptoms are inflicted by minor software errors and so they can be rectified by applying some tweaks at home. Devices that are prone to experiencing such kind of performance problems are

How to fix an iPad Pro that has no sound or audio output

No sound and other audio problems in mobile devices are usually attributed to a damaged audio component. The same thing can happen if something is clogging inside the iPad’s audio port. In other instances, no sound problem in iOS device is tied to a misconfigured settings as well as rogue apps. The same problem can

How to fix an iPad Pro 2018 that keeps lagging and freezing

Symptoms like random crashes, lags and freezes are often tied to performance issues on an iPhone or iPad that’s running low on storage. They also occur among other symptoms of wear-and-tear in old devices. But for a new iPad Pro to experience the same issue, software-related factors are likely the main trigger. If you need