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WhatsApp for iPhone Getting Dark Mode Soon

WhatsApp is close to bringing “Dark Mode” to all iPhone users with the feature spotted in the latest developer beta. WhatsApp is one of the few apps for the iPhone to not have Dark Mode yet. The update could begin rolling out within the next few days or weeks with no precise timeline available as

How To Fix Facebook App That Keeps Crashing On iPhone XR

The #Apple #iPhoneXR is one of the latest iPhone models released last year and is considered as the budget model as it costs less than the XS and XS Max. In terms of performance it is capable of matching the other two models as it uses the same Apple A12 Bionic processor. The difference of

How To Fix Facebook App That Keeps Crashing On iPhone XS Max

The #Apple #iPhoneXSMax is one of the latest flagship iPhone models that is best known for having the largest display. This model uses a 6.5 inch bezel-less OLED screen making it perfect to use for viewing various multimedia content. This phone has a solid build quality made of an Aluminum frame with glass on both

How to fix iPhone 8 Messenger app that keeps crashing (easy steps)

Some people wouldn’t mind having no Facebook or Messenger app on their smartphones but many people do. Thus many would still feel bad if the Messenger app keeps crashing on their respective devices. In this context, I will tackle a similar issue on the iPhone 8, in which the Messenger app keeps crashing for some

What to do if Facebook keeps on crashing on your Apple iPhone X?

Facebook is one of the most popular apps being used nowadays and its developers make sure that there’s minimal service interruption. However, there will always come a time wherein the app fails and this is actually the case with some of our readers that own the Apple iPhone X. Our readers reported that when they

How to fix Facebook that doesn’t load properly on Apple iPad Air 2019

Device issues involving rogue apps are typically attributed to software errors and usually occur on individual application. Problems that are isolated to an app are easier to resolve than those that affect several apps and features. Tackled in this context is one of the widespread problems that were isolated to the Facebook app on the