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How to delete apps on iPhone XR

Updating and deleting apps is often needed when dealing with app-related errors in smartphones like when an app is suddenly acting up or not working as intended. Deleting apps also help free up space of the phone’s internal memory. In iOS devices like iPhones, apps can be deleted or uninstalled in different ways. You can

How to delete apps on iPhone XS Max

Deleting unwanted applications is part of memory management especially if your phone’s internal memory is already shrinking. It’s also necessary to delete apps that cause various device issues like the ones halting the phone system to perform at its best. In iOS, deleting apps is very easy. Nonetheless, those who are new to the platform

How to delete apps on iPhone XS

Deleting an app on an iPhone is fairly simple. You can delete apps from the Home screen, through the iPhone storage, or using iTunes. If you’re new to iOS and wondering how to delete apps on the iPhone XS handset, then this post will help you out. Read further for more detailed walkthroughs. Deleting apps