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How to close apps on iPhone XR

If you’re new to iOS, then you’ll probably wonder where and how to get to the Home screen, close apps, switch between apps, multitask, or do other things you usually do with a Home button. It’s been a decade since the Home button was the center of iPhone navigation. This means that no matter where

How to close apps on iPhone XS Max

With the defunct physical Home button, Apple turned all of the new iPhone’s essential functions into some intuitive gestures. This denotes that all of the iPhone’s essential functions are carried out by simple swipes of the screen. Now, if you’re wondering about how apps are closed on the new iPhone XS Max, simply refer to

How to close apps on iPhone XS

Apple has emphasized that force-closing or quitting an app on an iPhone is not really that necessary because it will end up taking up more resources when you launch it again. Nonetheless, doing so is also useful in order to keep a tidy multitasking view. It’s also necessary whenever an app suddenly gets stuck or

How to close apps on iPhone X

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When the iPhone X was launched, a number of new iOS gestures are also introduced. And most of these are somehow changing the way people interact with and utilize their iPhones. Among the notable changes Apple crafted on the iPhone X is the App Switcher, which introduced a new way to close apps. The new