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I’m Stuck on iPhone Black Screen of Death. How do I fix this?

iphone won't turn on force restart

Did you recently open your phone but only see a black screen of death? This might be an indication that your smartphone is suffering from a tremendous error. You might think of rushing to the nearest service center in your area and get your device fixed. The iOS 13.3 update has been released recently and

How to fix an iPad Pro 2018 that’s stuck on black screen

When a high-end device like your Apple iPad Pro gets stuck on black screen, you can expect that it’s a firmware issue. Among the common symptoms would include frequent lags and sluggishness, apps and program crashes, as well as unresponsive displays. If you encounter any of these behaviors on your device, chances are that you’re

How to fix Apple iPhone XS Max black screen of death issue?

Some owners of the Apple iPhone XS Max encountered the black screen of death issue that left their devices unresponsive. Naturally so, many thought the problem was with the hardware. But the thing is as long as your device hasn’t been dropped on a hard surface or got submerged in water for a long time,