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What to do if headphones are not working on your Apple iPhone

When you find out that headphones are not working on your iPhone, it doesn’t always denote that you’re dealing with a damaged hardware. In fact, many people who have encountered similar issues in which their iPhone headphones aren’t working found out that the underlying cause of the problem is on the software. Thus, it is

How to fix iPhone X notifications that play in silent mode (easy steps)

When your iPhone plays notifications even when it’s set to silent mode, it means that you’re device is acting weird. Problems like this are usually triggered by software glitches that can either be minor or complex. Faulty apps, bad updates and misconfigured settings are among the common triggers. Basically, it’s a software issue which means

How to fix sound problems on your Mac running macOS Mojave

This post will help you troubleshoot and fix sound problems on your Mac (macOS Mojave) computer. If you’re experiencing relevant symptoms from broken audio to low or no sound at all, then you can refer to the outlined solutions below. Read further to learn how to fix sound that’s not working on your Mac computer.

My iPhone Won’t Ring After iOS 13.3. Here’s The Fix!

You’re getting a phone call but for some reason your iPhone won’t ring. You’re certain that the phone is not set to mute and that the volume level isn’t set to the lowest level. What could’ve prevented the phone from ringing when it’s supposed to ring for incoming call alerts? The answer to this question