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How To Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch To Your TV

Sometimes your small phone screen doesn’t turn out to be the best interface to view media or present files. That said, you’ll definitely want an easy way to display your phone’s display on a bigger screen, such as a TV. And you want to do it quick, as time is really important, such as in

Apple TV 4K Vs Amazon Fire TV Cube Best Streaming Device 2019

If you’re trying to outfit your home with a new streaming device, you might want to consider what Apple has to offer with the Apple TV 4K and what Amazon has to offer with their all-new Fire TV Cube. These are two of the top streaming devices that you can pick up today, and so, it’s

Amazon officially removes Apple TV listings from its site

Apple TV

Amazon’s #FireTV console is now the primary home set-top-box being sold on its site, with the likes of the #AppleTV and the #GoogleChromecast officially getting the boot today. This comes a few weeks after #Amazon originally announced its intentions to remove Apple and Google’s offerings from its site in order to avoid confusion for the customers.

Report: Apple pushing its TV subscription service to 2016

Apple TV

As per a new report, Apple’s new TV subscription service will not be shown off this year and will be released in 2016 instead. The report from Bloomberg cites Apple’s failure to sign with major providers like NBC, CBS and 21st Century Fox as one of the reasons for the delay. It is also said that

Showtime now available on Apple TV for $10.99, no cable subscription required

Showtime - Apple TV

Although Showtime has been available via Apple TV before, it required a qualifying cable TV subscription for the users to access content. However, that’s changing now with a standalone Showtime streaming service being announced for $10.99. There’s even a free one month trial period on offer, which will give you a good idea of how