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Apple Removes Customer Reviews from Its Online Store

A new revelation suggests that Apple has removed customer reviews for its products on its online store. Screengrabs taken by AppleInsider using Wayback Machine indicates that this happened sometime between November 16 and 17, with the Ratings & Reviews section disappearing sometime on the 17th. Although it went unreported for a few days, it seemingly

Find the Nearest iPhone Screen Repair Shop Near Me

Those old Nokia mobile phones had one massive advantage over modern smartphones: you could drop them, abuse them, stomp on them, and even use them as a hammer and they would still look like new, perhaps with a minor scratch or two. If only could the same be said about our beloved iPhones. For all

You can now get SIM-Free iPhone 6s from the Apple Store

Apple iPhone 6s

The #iPhone6s has been available from carriers in the U.S. for a couple of weeks now. But there are quite a few users out there who don’t want to get the device with a contract or carrier obligation. Those users can now find that Apple is selling the iPhone 6s in a SIM-Free configuration as well, letting