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Apple iPhone X Troubleshooting

How to fix iPhone X iOS 13 No service error, cannot send/receive text messages

When your iPhone prompts a No service error, it’s telling you that it’s not able to acquire service from your cellular network. As a result, calling and texting functions are not working too. These problems usually occur when temporary network outages are transpiring. In some cases, No service error is attributed to invalid network configurations

How to fix your iPhone X Netflix app that’s not working in iOS 13

You’ve probably landed into this page because you’re having trouble streaming movies and TV shows with your iPhone X Netflix app after the iOS 13 update installation. If that is so, then this post may be able to help you. Keep reading to get some inputs on how to deal with a similar issue on

How to fix an iPhone X that cannot make phone calls in iOS 13

Calling and texting (SMS) are two of the basic yet very important features of a smartphone. In fact, smartphones won’t be able to serve its full purpose if any of these features is not available. Nevertheless, bumping into calling issues isn’t inevitable as a lot of factors can trigger network flaws. Tackled in this post