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Apple iPhone 5s troubleshooting

How to fix delayed touchscreen response problem on your iPhone 5s

Delayed touchscreen response or sluggishness is usually listed among the symptoms of performance problems in mobile devices. These symptoms are often tied to insufficient memory, data corruption, system crashes, bad updates, malware and stubborn bugs. In worse cases, a sluggish performance can also be an indication of hardware damage on the phone. Even so, it

How to fix iPhone 5s slow browsing problem, very slow Internet connection

Slow internet browsing or slow internet connection problem is one of the most annoying issues you could encounter when using wireless internet connection. This is when it takes too long for a website or page to finish loading up on your device. Any device could give into this problem regardless of the Internet speed or

How to fix an iPhone 5s that keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi network

A problem on random Wi-Fi drops is usually attributed to an unstable network signal. The same thing happens if the network equipment like the wireless router or modem is experiencing random firmware crashes. The worst possible cause is hardware damage on the wireless router or modem in use, if not the device itself. Tackled in

How to fix iPhone 5s Gmail app that’s not working, keeps crashing

Gmail is by far one of the most credible hence widely used email platforms in both Android and iOS devices. Many people would opt to use Gmail over other apps due to its stability and uncomplicated interface. Nevertheless, the Gmail app is not totally exempted from random issues. Among the common problems affecting Gmail app

How to fix iPhone 5s Bluetooth pairing issues after iOS update

Pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth device can easily be accomplished in just a few taps and toggles. But there are many factors that can complicate the process and you would just realize that you cannot pair your iPhone with a Bluetooth-enabled device. One of the common causes of Bluetooth pairing errors are faulty updates.