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Apple iPhone 5 troubleshooting

How to fix an iPhone 5 that has no Internet connection

Internet connectivity problems can occur at any time due to many factors. Temporary outages, account-related issues, network settings error, firmware crashes on the modem and update bugs are known to be the usual triggers. Among the common symptoms are slow browsing, intermittent or unstable Internet connection, and no Internet connection at all. If you’re experiencing

How to fix battery draining problem on your iPhone 5, battery drains so fast

Power issues including battery draining problem on an iPhone are usually transpiring among other symptoms of wear-and-tear. Nonetheless, these problems may also occur earlier due to system errors and rogue apps. Addressed in this post is a similar issue on the iPhone 5 battery that’s draining so quickly. Read on to find out how to

How to fix Facebook app that won’t open, doesn’t work on your iPhone 5

Facebook is a popular social media platform available on both Android and iOS devices. Many people utilize the platform for personal and business purposes, particularly for marketing. The fact that billions of people are using Facebook worldwide is good enough reason for the Facebook app developers to do any means to make the platform always

How to fix apps that won’t update on your iPhone 5

Updates are essential to keep apps and operating system optimal. Smartphone manufacturers and software developers are releasing software updates periodically as their way of keeping apps and operating system enhanced, free from bugs and in excellent status. Most updates are auto-installed, which means they’re implemented automatically while others require manual installation. For these updates to

How to fix an iPhone 5 that cannot play YouTube videos 

YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used platforms when it comes to free video streaming online. In order to play YouTube videos on your phone, a stable Internet connection is basically what you need. You may choose to watch a wide variety of videos from various YouTube channels depending on your preferences.

How to fix iPhone 5 no sound problem, no audio outputs

Having trouble hearing sound alerts from your iPhone 5? This post highlights a few handy tweaks that are used to rule out software-related issues that caused no sound problem on the iPhone 5 handset. Read on if you think you need this information. Sound problems in mobile devices can be attributed to software errors, if

How to fix an iPhone 5 that keeps losing Wi-Fi signal

Not getting a steady Wi-Fi signal on your iPhone 5 handset? If that is so, then consider reading this entire context to find out what triggers your iPhone to keep losing Wi-Fi signal and how to fix it. The iPhone is among the top-rated early smartphones and its robustness is the main reason for its