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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Troubleshooting

How to fix Bluetooth pairing error on an Apple iPhone 11 Pro

400;”>Pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth accessory is fairly easy for as long as the main Bluetooth pairing requirements are met. Among the said requisites include compatibility and proximity of the devices to pair. Both devices must also be turned on and set in pairing or discoverable mode. This means Bluetooth must be enabled on

How to fix an iPhone 11 Pro that’s overheating

A smartphone normally gets warm when charging or using heavy apps extensively. With those instances, there is nothing to worry. But if your device continues to get hotter and overheat even with mild usage, that’s already another story. Read on to find out why overheating problem arises on your phone and how to deal with

How to fix YouTube app that keeps crashing on your iPhone 11 Pro Max

YouTube has been known for offering a wide range of free video content from nonsense yet fun clips to comprehensive guides and noteworthy documentaries. Thus, it’s a one-stop free online video platform and a must-have app for any smartphone owners. The fact that YouTube is backed and maintained by the internet giant augments the app’s

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro apps that won’t update via App Store

Keeping apps updated is recommended to ensure every app’s security and stability. In iOS devices, installing app updates can be done manually and automatically. Manually updating apps is done through the App Store. It’s a straightforward procedure that even novice iPhone users wouldn’t have a hard time doing. Nonetheless, there are many factors that can

How to fix an iPhone 11 Pro that’s stuck on black screen

When your iPhone is stuck on black screen, it’s either due to the battery that’s completely drained or it may still be alive but just couldn’t get to render the actual display due to some major system flaws. That said, both the software and hardware factors can be the underlying cause. Display issues including black

How to fix an iPhone 11 Pro GPS that’s not working

Couldn’t get to use GPS-enabled app on your new iPhone 11 Pro smartphone? If so, then this post may be able to help you. Find out what to do if GPS is not working on your iPhone 11 Pro. New iPhone models including the recently rolled out iPhone 11 series are offering a lot of