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How to fix an iPad Pro 2018 that’s stuck on black screen

When a high-end device like your Apple iPad Pro gets stuck on black screen, you can expect that it’s a firmware issue. Among the common symptoms would include frequent lags and sluggishness, apps and program crashes, as well as unresponsive displays. If you encounter any of these behaviors on your device, chances are that you’re

How To Force Restart Apple iPad Pro 2018 in 3 Easy Steps

When at times your iPad Pro tends to cause software to freeze or makes a buggy behavior, we have no choice but to forcibly and manually restart the device. The steps that will be mentioned below on how to force restart your Apple iPad Pro 2018 will be based on the new model of iPad

How to fix an iPad Pro 2018 that keeps losing cellular signal

Signal drops in smartphones and cellular tablets are often attributed to software glitches particularly network system errors. In earlier devices, most cases of signal drops are tied to wear-and-tear like a damaged network antenna or other relevant network components that are already depreciating. The same thing goes when physical or liquid damage is present on