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Apple Removes Hundreds of Vape Related Apps from the App Store

According to a report emerging out of Axios, Apple is currently removing all vaping related apps from the App Store. This comes in the wake of multiple vape related deaths in the U.S. over the past few months which were traced back to counterfeit cartridges or refills. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or

Amazon Prime Video App No Longer Available on the App Store

Amazon Prime Video

If you have been trying to look for the Amazon Prime Video app on the App Store and can’t find it, well, you’re not alone. As of this morning at 11:40 AM Eastern Time, users started reporting about the disappearance of the app. However, there’s still no word from Amazon or Apple on the sudden

Apple Removes Like Patrol from the App Store for Violating Guidelines

After Instagram sent a cease-and-desist letter to the makers of the “Like Patrol” app, the developers said they intended to fight it. It seems like the company’s woes have gotten a whole lot worse with Apple removing the app from the iTunes App Store for violating its guidelines. For those unaware, Like Patrol is an

How to fix App Store not working on iPhone [Troubleshooting Guide]

Some iPhone owners complained about App Store not working on their devices. This kind of problem could be minor but there were cases in the past that suggest this could also be a serious firmware issue. The App Store is where you can download new apps for your Apple device either for free or via

Fix Apple Mac running macOS Mojave that can’t connect to App Store

You’re trying to download a cool app on your Mac computer via App Store but for some reasons, couldn’t get it done as you’re prompted with an error messaging saying, “Cannot connect to the App Store.” Apparently, this denotes a problem for you to solve. In case you need some help on how to deal

Mario Kart Tour Now Available for Download on the App Store

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo’s hotly-anticipated racing game for mobile devices, Mario Kart Tour, was expected to arrive on mobile devices in March this year. Multiple delays since then have pushed its arrival. Thankfully the game is finally live with Nintendo bringing the game to both iOS and Android platforms earlier today. This is the first time Nintendo is

How to fix your Apple iPad Pro that won’t connect to the App Store

The App Store serves as a hub for you to download new apps that you want to use on your Apple iPad Pro. To make your App Store transactions successful, your device must have stable Internet access and ample of storage space. You must also be logged into your App Store/iTunes account using a valid