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Apple Prioritizing Production of iPhone 11 over 11 Pro Models

According to a new report by analyst Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities, Apple is looking to capitalize on the growing sales of the iPhone 11 and decrease the production of the 11 Pro models as sales have been somewhat underwhelming. It is reported that the top-tier iPhone 11 Pro flagships managed to do poorly in

Google to Fix Bug Which Gives iPhone Users Free Unlimited Photo Storage

Google Photos

It was recently discovered that Pixel 4 owners wouldn’t get free unlimited photo storage on Google Photos, while iPhone users continued to receive the benefit. Google has now acknowledged that this is a bug and will be fixed accordingly. This means iPhone users will no longer get unlimited photo storage in original quality on the

Facebook asking some staff with iPhones to switch to Android

Facebook Personalized Notifications

A lot of people in the #Facebook camp prefer iPhones apparently. And Facebook is seemingly not happy with that, given the need to tap into the needs of the #Android audience. Here’s what Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox said – “I am mandating a switch of a whole bunch of my team over to

Apple’s new Beats Pill+ app on Android gets raging one star reviews

Beats Pill+

The #BeatsPill+ companion app made its way to #iOS and #Android recently. Given how Apple’s first Android app was treated by Android fans, we did expect similar treatment for the latest app. And it seems like we were right as Android fans have left widespread one-star reviews for the new app on the Google Play Store,

Evolution of iPhone cameras shown off in a comparison


The #Apple #iPhone lineup has been immensely popular since it was first shown off back in 2007 by the eternal Steve Jobs. The series today is one of the most popular in the market with no signs of stopping down. Just as the iPhone 6s became available for purchase this past weekend, a renowned photography team decided to

You can now use an Android Wear smartwatch with the iPhones, officially

iOS Android Wear

It was rumored last week that #Google might officially enable support for #AndroidWear with the upcoming #HuaweiWatch. It seems like that report was true as Google has now officially announced that Android Wear smartwatches will finally support the Apple iPhones. At this point, only the #LG #WatchUrbane is said to be compatible with Android Wear,