Top-End 2021 iPhone Could Feature In-Display Touch ID and Notchless Display

The iPhone 12 (or whatever Apple decides to call it) is still some distance away. But according to a Credit Suisse presentation cited by Dutch site LetsGoDigital, the company is finally going to bring back Touch ID to iPhones, but not in the form that we’re accustomed to. It is said that the Cupertino giant will use an in-display fingerprint scanner similar to manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus and so on.

Apple’s former design chief, Jony Ive, who recently left the company had once envisioned an iPhone which is made of a single slab of glass. By this, he was hinting at an iPhone with absolutely no bezels and nothing but the screen on the front. However, for a variety of reasons, including the addition of multiple sensors, Apple hasn’t been able to get a bezel-less iPhone to the market, which meant that the company had to go with the notch.


If this report is indeed true, it could go on to be one of the marquee features in the next iPhone, encouraging Touch ID iPhone owners to finally upgrade to the new 2020 flagship. Since it’s also being said that this feature will be spotted on the top-end variant, it’s likely that lower-end variants, like the iPhone 11 successor, for example, will offer only Face ID authentication.

There’s no clarity right now on whether Apple will only use Touch ID or offer it as an alternative alongside Face ID which has featured in every iPhone flagship since the iPhone X. The feature also made its way to the iPad Pro, indicating that Apple is not letting go of this tech anytime soon.

Are you looking forward to an iPhone with a notchless display and an in-display Touch ID sensor? Be sure to let us know.

Source: LetsGoDigital (Translated)

Via: 9to5Mac