Popular third-party Keyboard SwiftKey updated, brings tons of bug fixes


Popular third-part keyboard SwiftKey has received a new update, bringing with it a plethora of bug fixes. The patch also focuses on some user complaints in trying to fix those, as well.

You can find the full list of changes below:

  • Fixed the issue with your personal language being lost
  • Backup & Sync will not keep your phone awake and use all your battery
  • Reduced network usage when Trending Phrases are turned on
  • Predictions in right-to-left languages should now be displayed the right way round.
  • Fixed Evernote return key problems
  • Restored “^” as m-key secondary in Azerty layout
  • Spanish punctuation now available on Qwerty layout (if Spanish language is enabled)
  • Fixed a number of crashes, including: flowing two words together quickly, repeatedly pressing “update languages” button, and a number of others
  • Fixed some translations within the app

As you can see, one of the most common bugs has been fixed — your personal language being lost.  Have you downloaded the new update? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

source: Play Store