How to submit bug report for iPhone 7 iOS 11 public beta version, other OS issues

Today we bring you some iOS-related problems in an #iPhone7. We hope that those of you who’ll encounter problems with the soon to be released stable version of iOS 11 will be able to use this post as a good reference on what to do. Remember, iOS software troubleshooting remains the same regardless of the version you’re using.

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Below are specific topics we’re bringing for you today:

Problem 1: iPhone 7 stuck in Apple logo screen, bootloop

I bought an iPhone 7 at the Apple store in New York on December 8th 2016 (serial number F4GSK6BLHG73), but 4 days ago, it got stuck in the Apple logo and infinite boot loops. I tried restart by itunes, unsuccessfully. I visited the support service in my country, and they can do nothing (Guatemala). — Carlos Arenales

Solution: Hi Carlos. Bootloop can sometimes be a sign of a malfunctioning hardware, specifically the phone’s eMMC (also called the internal storage device). Unfortunately, there’s no direct test that you can do to ascertain that. Since your problem description is very sketchy, there’s no way for us to know if the cause of the problem is software- or hardware-related. At this time, the only option for you is to try a Restore via DFU Mode. if you’ll be able to do it successfully, then that means that the reason for the trouble is software in nature. Otherwise, you either have to find a way to have the phone’s motherboard replaced, or simply replace the phone entirely.

Below are the steps on how to Restore your iPhone 7 via DFU mode. If you haven’t tried it before, follow the steps below. This procedure requires a computer with iTunes installed. Make sure that iTunes runs the latest update.

  1. In your computer, close all active apps.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Turn off your iPhone. If you can’t turn it off normally, let the battery drain to 0% so the phone powers down on its own. Charge the phone for at least an hour without attempting to turn it on.
  4. Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable.
  5. Press and hold the Power button for at least 3 seconds.
  6. Press and hold the Volume Down button on the left side of the iPhone while continuing to hold the Power button. Be sure to hold both Power and Volume Down keys for 10 seconds. If Apple logo appears at this time, repeat steps 5 and 6. Apple logo should not show at all.
  7. Continue to hold Volume Down key for another 5 seconds. If the Plug into iTunes screen is displayed, repeat steps 5-7. Plug into iTunes screen should not show up.
  8. You’ll know that your phone is in DFU mode if the screen remains black. Your computer should then tell you that iTunes has detected an iPhone.
  9. Follow the on-screen steps in your computer to do a full recovery.

Problem 2: How to submit bug report for iPhone 7 iOS 11 public beta version

Since I’ve installed iOS 11, I was facing different bugs on my iPhone7. I’ve recently updated it to iOS11 (beta 7) through myiPhone. After 2 to 4 days, my iphone was plugged on charger and I saw there was an Apple logo appearing on the screen for like 6 seconds and then it goes off and then it appears again, like it got stuck in the loop or something. I’ve tried every thing by upgrading, downgrading, to recover my operating system even i’ve restored it to hard factory setting but still it stuck in the same thing. I’ve already downloaded the firmware to iOS 10 and tried to update my iphone with the itunes. I’ve tried almost every single thing which appears on the internet as a solution. Anyone can help me with it would be much appreciable. Hope to see your response soon. — Shehroze

Solution: Hi Shehroze. One of the main reasons why software developers, Apple included, release a beta version for major software iteration is to discover bugs that they haven’t anticipated. If you encounter any problem after installing iOS 11 and you’ve already tried all the usual dose of software troubleshooting like the ones you mention above, the best thing that you can do right now is to send a feedback to Apple. There’s no guarantee that they will address the bug soon but that can be expected, especially since there may be millions of users reporting other issues at this time.

To submit a feedback to Apple for your iOS 11 bug, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Home screen and open the Feedback app.
  2. Tap Accept to agree to the Usage Notice.
  3. Enter your Apple ID email address and password.
  4. Tap the Compose button at the top right (or the New Feedback button at the bottom of the list.).
  5. Fill in a descriptive title, and then keep going through the form, filling out each section in turn.
  6. Tap Submit to send your report to Apple.

Again, there’s no guarantee that your issue will be addressed soon but you surely is doing iOS community a favor by letting Apple know of this problem. The sooner you report the bug, the higher the chance that Apple engineers may act on it. Keep in mind that major bugs take priority but that doesn’t mean minor ones will not be reviewed at all. Remember, the more people report the same bug, the more likely Apple will notice it so continue reporting bugs you encounter, even if they appear to be obvious ones.

Problem 3: iPhone 7 freezing, not responding, slow performance issue

Hi. I’m having a lot of issues with my iPhone 7. It started today at midday to act up; one minute it was working as usual and the next it was freezing up, not responding, very slow, sluggish. In other words, everything that you described in the text was happening to my phone. I read your article and did every thing explained but my iPhone still does not work like it used to. It still freezes with everything — a touch, some applications take a lot to open and then they close all of the sudden, the iPhone turns off by itself and then comes back. I’m frustrated because the iPhone doesn’t even have a year with me. If you can respond to my message I will appreciate it. Thank you for your time. — Lorena Martinez

Solution: Hi Lorena. iPhone 7 slow performance issue can be a manifestation of either a software problem or a hardware malfunction. Each of these categories have their corresponding specific set of possible problems. To get to the bottom of the issue, you must narrow down the possible factors. We’ve already discussed this issue before in this post so make sure that you do all our suggested steps. Remember, if the phone remains problematic after updating via DFU mode, the most likely reason is bad hardware.

Unfortunately, diagnosing hardware problems is beyond the scope of our blog as it requires that we physically check the device. It also takes time to do, not to mention the required expertise and tools so it can performed successfully. Of course, diagnosing the issue is only part of the entire process. If the diagnosis will be able to identify the cause, there’s the next logical step of repair.

Now, repair in this context means that there’s non-working component in your phone. Since you can’t really “repair” a broken part, like a bad eMMC or memory, what a resourceful technician usually does is to find the same exact component somewhere and replace the bad part with it. If he or she can’t find a good working part (usually by cannibalizing from other broken iPhones), that’s the time he/she will recommend a complete motherboard repair, which is a more expensive repair option. So, depending on the real issue, repair in your device can mean part/s replacement or motherboard replacement. Either case, you’ll most likely pay a significant amount.

We suggest that you let Apple fix your phone instead so you’ll be assured that trained personnel handle the repair.


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