Spotify Finally Catches on With Apple Music, Now Offers Time-Synced Lyrics

  • Spotify has partnered with lyrics service Musixmatch to offer time-synced lyrics for songs on its streaming platform.
  • A feature like this was previously exclusive to Apple Music which incorporated time-synced lyrics with the iOS 13 update last fall.
  • It is said that the update is currently live for all users and it won’t require a separate app update.

Spotify teamed up with Genius to offer lyrics on its music streaming service in December last year. Today, the company has announced a major upgrade to the app in the form of real-time lyrics syncing or time-synced lyrics that moves the lyrics automatically as the song progresses. Spotify also offers real-time lyrics for songs in foreign languages.

This feature can be likened to what we see on apps like Shazam (owned by Apple). Shazam’s features were subsequently incorporated onto Apple’s streaming service, Apple Music.

This feature was rolled out with iOS 13 last fall and has given it a major advantage over its arch-rival in the industry. However, with Spotify now bringing this feature in partnership with lyrics service Musixmatch, one can safely say that Apple Music’s so-called advantage was short-lived.


It’s no secret that Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world with over 108 million paying subscribers as of recently. Apple’s recent figures put it significantly behind Spotify’s figures, so the Cupertino giant clearly has some catching up to do.

Although Spotify now has a real-time lyrics feature, it’s not available for several older tracks with the feature mostly limited to the newer songs from the current decade/generation.

This new time-synced lyrics feature should go live for all users starting today. Since it is believed to be a server-side update, it apparently doesn’t require an app update.

Are you seeing the new lyrics feature on your Spotify app? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Android Police